Go Wild for Wild Horses

An iFH Event

Tired of doing nothing but writing letters and telephoning politicians?

Wish you could get out and join in all the wild horse roundup protests going on around the country, but can’t?

We invite you to . . .


Do it on your own, with a group of friends, on campus, at work . . . create an event and . . .


Wild Clothing:

Wear the wildest outfit your circumstances allow. Make it colorful, outlandish, provocative (if you have the nerve), but make it wild to draw attention to yourself, and break the ice. You want people to ask you what in the world you are doing, and why you are wearing that?

If you have a tie you never thought you would wear in public, here’s your chance. You can bet someone is going to ask you, “What’s up with that tie?” And there will be your opportunity to speak up for our wild horses.

Wild Hair Do:

Get your group of wild horse lovers together and have a competition to see who can come up with the wackiest, wildest hair style and go out and greet your public!

Wild Make-Up

Do the same with make-up. Make it wild, bold, colorful . . . maybe even make yourself up to look like a horse.


Don’t have a badge, sticker or chance to buy one? No problem. Take a sticky back label of any kind, like a large file folder label, and write or print on it, something like:

Wild for Wild Horses
Wild Horses Belong in the Wild
Ask Me Why I Look SO Wild
Mustang Madness
Wild Horses Wednesday

Animated Red Arrow Super Important!

Print White House Switchboard No. 202-456-1414 or White House Comments Line No. 202-456-1111 on your sticker, write it on your hand . . . store them in your cell phone.

Ask people if they have a cell phone — politely ask them to call right then and there — ask the President to protect our wild horses and order an immediate halt to the roundups going on in Nevada. If they don’t have a cell phone, then hand them yours . . . if you can, of course.

Be Creative:

Be as outrageous as the law allows, but whatever else you do this Wednesday, Go Wild for Wild Horses!

See, you just thought it was going to be boring after the Holidays.

Note: Please, please take pictures, and email them to us to help raise awareness even more!

11 thoughts on “Go Wild for Wild Horses”

  1. Whenever conferring with another either face to face or across the miles, whether a human being, departed spirit, or sentient tree, always speak to the highest within them.

    Makes such a difference.
    The Universe
    In my opinion sometimes this means humor or whatever other genuine connective communication is being employed. :)


  2. From experience, I have found that this is the wrong approach to protesting. If protestors look foolish, so does their cause. The goal is support, not momentary notice.

    To get the desired results, look and act intellient and responsible. That’s the response you want, so it’s the look you want! Look dignified. There is nothing dignified about destroying a national treasure. Let the fools look like fools. We need to represent our cause.


    1. We have had great success with students, moms and office workers. It breaks the ice and gets people engaged. The number of telephones calls to Washington has been phenomenal, many by people who never would have known about this issue otherwise.


  3. We are having our demonstration on the corners of the BUSIEST intersection in Reno Nevada on Monday January 18, 2010 between the hours of Noon and 3 PM

    WE HAVE A DREAM is the theme since it is Martin Luther King Day.

    Our dream is that the BLM and OBAMA will STOP all roundups including the current one taking place where they are removing the LAST majority FREE roaming herd in any state. In a state that has a mustang on our state quarter, an animal that is not only our state symbol, but everyone’s American Heritage Symbol of the Wild West.

    TRANSPARENCY with this administration is meaning, NEVER SEEING another wild horse or burro in the future!!!!!

    Depleting and destroying the lives of bands and entire hers, destroying irreplaceable bloodlines that date back to the Spaniards.

    THE ABUSE of the Wild Mustangs and Wild Burros MUST STOP being a CASH COW for ranchers at their expense and ours.

    Contact me for further information.


  4. I don’t understand which agency or whom I should try to contact. Can you please give me something in addition to the phone numbers? Which agency is responsible? Who is the head of that agency or head of the division of that agency who deals with such roundups? Do you know what address they can be reached at? I will email and call and send letters. Thank you, Michele


    1. Please call the White House SWB 202 456 1111 and call on Obama to call a halt to the wild horse roundups. You can also take action at these links from iFH website: http://www.horsefund.org/wild-horses-action-alert-roundup-moratorium.php and http://www.horsefund.org/wild-horses-1579-sen-ltr.php . Also the Cloud Fdn has very important petition to sign and you can send letters there too: http://www.change.org/actions/view/a_unified_call_for_an_immediate_moratorium_on_wild_horse_burro_roundups .

      Hope you are going “wild” tomorrow and getting lots of people to call the President, esp. with him in town.


  5. Wedsnesday Will Be Wild Horse Day Here , As always everyday here , The Mining Co Jewelers . Is on it everyday emailing,everyone , calling the White House, Calling The BLM and emailing them, Everyone who comes to my store is alerted to every aspect of The BLM wild Mustang Round-up everyone is given a flyer with Phone numbers to call and ask for a moratorium Until Congress can properly address this Issue………I am the BLMS worst nitemare………………


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