Wild Horse Rallies

Thin Gray Line



When: Thursday, March 25th

Time: 1:00-3:00pm, Press conference and speakers at 1:30pm (Filmmaker/Advocate Ginger Kathrens, Author RT FItch and many more- including special guests to be announced)

Where: Lafayette Park (northside of Whitehouse, on H Street between 15th and 17th Streets, NW). At 3:00pm protesters will march with sign to the BLM office at 1849 ‘C’ Street.

Plus Mustangs on the Hill II: On Friday morning we’ll meet and brief people on meeting with their Represenatives in meetings to save the mustangs. Please schedule an appointment with your Representatives for Thursday morning or Friday.

Why: BLM’s cruel and poor mismanagement is destroying a vital piece of the American west. The American public is sanding up for our horses and burros- please join us in a March for Mustangs, rally and protest.

Roundups increased significantly in 2000 in the Bush years and they haven’t let up under the Obama administration. 12,000 wild horses and burros are scheduled for removal from our public lands this fiscal year alone. These helicopter roundups come at enormous expense to our wild herds and to the American taxpayer.

Recently the roundup of 1900 mustangs took place in the Calico mountains of Northwestern Nevada during the dead of winter, ending early in February when BLM realized the herds were far smaller than estimated. To date 60 horses have died due to this roundup and the death toll continues to climb daily. This does not include the 30 plus mares that have aborted their late-term foals in the feedlot style corrals in Fallon, Nevada where the horses are being held. Two foals had their hooves literally separate from the bone after the helicopters ran their families for miles over rocky and sharp volcanic ground.

Secretary Ken Salazar, who oversees the BLM, has decided there is no room left for our mustangs on their designated lands in the west. The Secretary and has proposed purchasing private land in the East for our Western wild horses. This only adds to the financial and humane train wreck that the Wild Horse and Burro Program has become.

So rather than spending over thirty million dollars this fiscal year to remove our wild horses and burros from the range, let’s protect them on their western lands. The intent of Congress’ 1971 Free-roaming Wild Horses and Burros Act was not to warehouse our allowed to live in freedom in self-sustaining numbers on western rangelands designated primarily for their survival. Drastic change is needed in the management of wild horses and burros if they are to survive, as wild animals, into the future. Wild horses benefit the land as they evolved in North America and they represent our living history in the west.

Annually we lose $123 million running a taxpayer subsidized grazing program is often referred to as “welfare ranching” due to the small fees charged to livestock permittees. The rate is currently the lowest allowed by law—$1.35 per cow/calf pair per month. This rate needs to be raised to over $9.00 in order for the program to break even. If cows were removed and horses allowed to stay, we’d save even more—including our valued mustangs. Holding the 1900 Calico horses alone in a feedlot style facility amounts to a staggering cost of over $10,000 per day!

But change is on the way for our wild horses and burros! Some 25 protests have been mounted from coast-to-coast including Chicago, LA, NYC, Denver, Las Vegas, Reno, and Sacramento since late December. Thousands of people have braved the cold and come out with their families to hold banners and signs demanding that President Obama react to the hideous mistreatment of our spectacular wild horses and respond to the incredible waste of taxpayer dollars on a broken program that only lines the pockets of powerbrokers and cattle barons. Now is the time to say enough is enough. Open the gates and return our wild horses to their rightful ranges.

Please take action for our wild herds. An immediate moratorium on all roundups is needed! This must be followed by hearings and investigations on BLM mismanagement; accurate and independent assessments of just hwo many wild horses we have left and the real range conditions. Then we need to develop a sustainable plan for our wild herds on our Western public lands and restore their protections set forth in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Moving our wild horses in non-reproducing, broken families to the East is not the answer.

Join us on Thursday, March 25th for a Mustangs March on Washington and take action today to save these incredible animals who are currently being managed to extinction.

Take Action

– Call President Obama 202-456-1111

– Call your Senators 202-224-3121


Artwork by Vivian Grant Farrell

Please feel free to use the artwork to promote March for Mustangs. Vivian also created an 8 x 10 color poster for everyone’s use.

25 thoughts on “Wild Horse Rallies”

    1. Go Betty Go. Your protest will be terrific. Be sure to let us know how it goes. There are so many great protests going on. We get the buildup, then hear little once they are held. You notice the news stations don’t bother to cover them. However, during the presidential primaries there were huge protests that the American public never saw; likewise with anti-war rallies. Pictures too please!


  1. I will most definitely try to be there. I’ll have to mapquest it. I’m not to familiar with Sacramento. But I want to do all I can to help the horses.

    Also for those that are interested (and this is totally off topic) Joe at tbfriends is not far from downtown Sacramento. Joe rescues tb’s for those not in the know. He could really use gift cards to Costco–the Woodland Costco carries Lyons feed which is what he feeds his horses. The bags are 12.99 each.

    I apogolize for the hijack.


    1. Apology accepted! Have a great time at the rally. Stop by to see Joe & take him a bag of feed and send him our regards. Is that the name of his rescue, TBFriends?


  2. Bill Dyer at IDAUSA (terrific organization) says:

    The address for the demo is 11111 Santa Monica Blvd, cross street is Sepulveda, near the 405 freeway exit. There are motels and hotels in this area, in Westwood: Royal Santa Monica Motel, at 10811 Santa Monica Blvd. The city of Santa Monica also has many hotels and restaurants including a great vegan restaurant, REAL FOOD DAILY at 514 Santa Monica Blvd, west of Feinstein’s office, phone: 310-451-7544, great food – order the mashed potatoes!!! See you tomorrow! Bill


  3. I and a fellow volunteer at Desert Springs Equine Sanctuary and Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary would like to attend the rally in LA but will have to leave today from Tucson, Arizona to get there by 11am tomorrow morning. Any chance someone who is sponsoring/participating could meet us this evening to help us find lodging close to the rally and show us the ropes in LA?
    Bonnie Arriaga


  4. Shari, this is a great idea to contact the regional FBI office and ask them to investigate. They are the Feds with a capital “F” and have jurisdiction, authority and will investigate and prosecute. State and local officials state to us they do not. Go Shari!


  5. I can ‘t go to this but will pray for the Wild HORSES & Burros and their protecters. I will also go wild for horses also & call the President. I am hoping there will be more opportunities to stop the horse killers, I am also calling the FBI and asking them to investigate the BLM as “wild horses are removed for the benefit of private livestock owners and other extractive users of public lands.  Despite a Congressional mandate to protect wild horses in the Calico Complex, the BLM has in recent times increased the number of  cattle to run on the same public lands where they are removing wild horses. The BLM ignores its federal mandate to remove livestock from federal wild horse management areas “if necessary to provide habitat for wild horses or burros, to implement herd management actions, or to protect wild horses or burros from disease, harassment or injury” (43 CFR § 4710.5)”


      1. We may never know, Suzanne. We contacted the FBI some years back to investigate the milkshaking of racehorses, which was fraud on the betting public. The next thing we knew, it was exposed and people fined or put in jail. We never heard a word from the FBI, just an acknowledgment they received our letter. We didn’t care; it worked!


    1. I Totally agree with you. I never thought about calling the FBI good work! Are they willing to investigate the BLMs actions?


      1. It is difficult to know with the FBI what they will do. We can only go by what our experience has been, and that is that they keep their cards close to their chest. It is, however, worth the effort. Anything is that has a chance of stopping these atrocities.


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