Justice for Julupae: Update

Julupae in happier times with Al Mercer
Al Mercer, shown here, gave Julupae to Whiffin a year ago. Whiffin said he was looking for a small horse for his kids to ride. I thought I found a good home for Julupae. That guy murdered my horse a devastated Mercer told the Times Colonist. Image courtesy of Sarah West

Sarah West, a founding member of Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform, reports there was another record turnout at a Hearing Monday, January 4, 2010, in the Jalupae animal cruelty case.

David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham are charged with animal cruelty after they allegedly starved 27-year-old Appaloosa gelding Julupae to the point of emaciation, then hung him to death from the bucket of an excavator at waterfront acreage in Brentwood Bay.

Protesters called for the prosecution of the accused to the fullest extent of the law and maximum sentences in the death of Julupae.

Plea bargains were postponed by the Crown.

Whiffin is scheduled to appear on January 25th to set a date for trial. If Cunningham, who is still seeking counsel, does not show on January 11th a warrant for his arrest is likely be issued.

If convicted, the accused face a maximum fine of $C10,000, up to five years in jail and a prohibition on owning animals.

In the meantime, a petition with over 800 signatures from local residents is still circulating, and West says she expects a lot more. “There has been amazing support around here to do something about Julupae ‘s tragic death,” says West. “What I didn’t expect is the amount of concern and interest in Julupae’s case from places like the United States, England, Holland and even Australia.”

West concludes, “Sadly we have barely any animal protection legislation in Canada. That is why I started CFAWR.”

The mission of Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform is to radically improve the lives of all animals in Canada by the introduction and enactment of a Federal Animal Welfare Act. CFAWR works in conjunction with the WSPA/Canada/UN UDAW initiative — Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare — now supported (in principle) by the Canadian Government.

CFAWR will be launching its website in the near future. Individuals wishing to get involved, please contact cfawr[@]telus.net.

7 thoughts on “Justice for Julupae: Update”

  1. Horse-hanging trial set for November
    Times ColonistJanuary 27, 2010
    The trial of two men charged in connection with the hanging death of an emaciated horse has been set for November. Defence lawyer Donald McKay, who is representing David Whiffin of Brentwood Bay, said the three-day trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 22 in Victoria provincial court.
    Whiffin is charged with killing or injuring an animal, causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal and failing to provide the necessities for an animal.
    Whiffin and his co-accused, Clayton Cunningham, have pleaded not guilty.
    © Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist


  2. Nancy, thank you for becoming a Member. We are in the middle of a matching gift campaign, so your $24.00 donation has been doubled to $48.00!

    Re: Julupae

    We reported —

    Whiffin is scheduled to appear on January 25th to set a date for trial. If Cunningham, who is still seeking counsel, does not show on January 11th a warrant for his arrest is likely be issued.


    Did Cunningham appear? The Court is very hesitant now to discuss details of the case. There is a media blackout in the area; they didn’t care we were calling from the US.

    We hear nobody wanted to take on representing him because of the public backlash in this case. Do you know what happened?

    I am waiting to hear from Sarah to see who is going Monday for Whiffin’s appearance.

    Best, Vivian


  3. if we don’t get tougher animal welfare laws in this country and soon, how can we consider ourselves a civilized nation and supposedly one of the best places to live. i cannot begin to imagine the suffering Julupae went through at the hands of those who were supposed to care for him. this is atrocious and these men must be punished to the full extent of the law as it now stands. it isn’t enough, but it will have to do.


    1. Nancy, there is a great group who are forming to get tougher and comprehensive animal welfare laws in Canada. You may be one of them, sorry if I do not recognize you. They are called Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform, and will have a website soon.


      1. thanks for your info..i am now a member of the fund and have emailed the new group starting up here in canada to ask about joining and helping…we need justice for julupae and all like him and for the wild horses of north america…here in canada we cannot even call them wild to get them the right protection..they are considered feral..


  4. IF convicted — he HAS to be convicted– if he gets away with this then more animals will suffer. Generations to come need to know any animal abuse cannot be tolerated. TOUGHER LAWS are needed for animal cruelty, they have as much right to this earth as we do. Its proven that children who abuse animals grow up into murders. The man has to get the MAXIMUM penalty!!!


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