Vt. farm that sells horses for slaughter spurs controversy

Bernard and Louis Quesnel buy unwanted horses in Vermont and then sell them for slaughter in Quebec where they’re processed as food.

Horse slaughter was made illegal in the U.S. a few years ago, but it is still legal in Canada, which is why the Quesnel’s truck their horses across the border.

But now this business HAS been shut down. The Quesnel’s license was suspended by the state– not because the farm is trucking horses to slaughter– but because it sold seven horses to Alex Coyle and others in the area who were trying to rescue them.

Horses sold for exclusively for slaughter don’t need to be tested for infectious equine anemia but all other horses do and that’s something the Quesnel’s didn’t do. The farm is now facing a $4,000 fine and can’t operate any business involving horses for at least two years.

The Quesnel’s declined to comment about this situation, but theirs isn’t the only business of its kind. An estimated 100,000 American horses are shipped across the border to Mexico or Canada each year for slaughter.

Keagan Harsha | WCAX TV |Read full story; view video

1 thought on “Vt. farm that sells horses for slaughter spurs controversy”

  1. I am so happy to hear the Quesnel’s were SHUT DOWN. I appreciate people such as Alex Doyle for attempting to rescue the horses from slaughter.

    Obviously, the Quesnel’s will do ANYTHING for money……..I wonder what their next sick little plan will be to earn a few bucks!!!


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