Carry the Kettle band members say “no” to NVF and horse slaughter


Community members at Carry the Kettle First Nations near Neudorf, Saskatchewan, Canada have voted a resounding NO to Chief Kennedy’s high-pressure campaign to buy and re-open Natural Valley Farms! The final tally was 69 against the purchase, 15 for.

The experience again showed that the horse slaughter industry will stoop to any level necessary to deceive and pressure potential purchasers, just to be allowed to continue killing horses again. Ridiculous, patently false assurances such as that the community would be allowed to act above the law and would not require EU export certificates or Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspectors were clearly false. Neither were the community members told of the environmental devastation they would be taking responsibility for, or that the EU now requires all horses be quarantined for 6 months prior to slaughter in an attempt to rid their bodies of toxic pharmaceuticals.

We stand in awe of the residents of Carry the Kettle who so quickly examined the arguments and understood the issues. They literally had just days to do so.

Our sincerest congratulations to the band members. On behalf of horse supporters everywhere, THANK YOU for making a decision that will have lasting positive effects for your community!

And THANK YOU to horse supporters from around the world who so quickly rallied their support for the residents and the horses. Your informative emails, written so respectfully, certainly had a hand in ensuring no horses would ever be killed at Natural Valley Farms again.

Twyla Francois is Central Region Director for the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. Learn more about the CHDC and the incredible work they do at

1 thought on “Carry the Kettle band members say “no” to NVF and horse slaughter”

  1. What a wonderful bit of news tonight! Thank you so much for reporting. Now I’ll have to find a way to thank those band members – what can we do to make sure they know how proud we are of them and how proud they should be of themselves? Maybe an official letter to their paper or ??? What a wonderful moment, to learn this good news.


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