Happy horse meat? I think not.


Happy Meat

Horse Ready for Butchering
A horse ready for butchering. Does he look happy to you?

I was shocked when I learned Peta gave an award to Temple Grandin for anything, let alone for making animal death factories more “compassionate.”

Major animal rights groups have become little more than consultants to animal agriculture, advocating that so long as animal suffering is lessened before they are brutally killed, it is not as bad as it could have been for them, citing larger cages, for instance, as victories. World Horse Welfare advocate for better standards in transport to slaughter, but do not call for a ban on horse slaughter itself. These are examples of the recent trend in animal rights referred to as “happy meat.” What?

Does this horse look happy to you?

He is dead, dismembered and ready for chopping into pieces. He got there because he was betrayed into the hands of a killer buyer who purchased him for his meat. A number was slapped on him, he was jammed into a trailer with other terrified horses, and traveled for days in all temperatures with no food, water or rest, injured or even killed by panicked horses. Destination: A painful, grisly and terrifying death in a slaughter plant.

Now, say for instance, this horse was taken directly to the slaughterhouse with no idea of his ultimate destination, lovingly caressed, with a nuzzle and a kiss good bye, before he was gently handed over to his killers to be “stunned” with a metal bolt to his skull, hung by a chained hind leg (highly likely still conscious, in excruciating pain), his throat slit, bled out and butchered. What’s “happy” about that?

Advocate from Your Plate

You can help all animals, not just horses, by living vegan. Vegan means not using or consuming any products derived from animals. It is a simple diet change. Go Vegan for life, for your life and theirs.

Recommended Reading

Making A Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights

To learn more about animal agriculture, how it impact animals, humans and the quality of our everyday lives, I urge you to read, “Making a Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights” by Bob Torres.

“Making a Killing” also takes an illuminating look at the animal rights movement. A must read for anyone who loves or advocates for animals. I got it from my local library, but you can order it from Amazon.com at the link above. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Happy horse meat? I think not.”

  1. Globally warmings for US beef protests ~ is the beef safe ~ Maybe they are right.

    Grazing Regulations Include Doctored Environmental Analysis ~ The are suppose to take be open to public research not just doctored goverment research.


    Life will have no quality of life ~ after beef grazing /cattle destroy~ the world

    http://rangenet.org/directory/witzemanr/tool/ ~~~~ a good illustration

    Blatant lies about wild horses truely read more like the data based on grazing US beef /cattle.


  2. Dear Vivian Grant,

    I have just purchase book “The Waste of The West” by Lynn Jacobs. This book is a classic for all wild horse advocates. I have sent several copies to friends across America. I have read and looked over the pictures and agreed with it’s author conclusions. I also lost my taste for beef. I’m slowly cutting back on all animal products.

    I recommend this book for purchase for anyone who wants to review balance of life and our country especially those ~ who honors it’s heros.

    All the comments about cattle grazing , ecology of plants, small animals , large manmals seems very real and a good reason to cut back or cast beef out of one’s diet.
    The authors book can be purchased by a post card request to Lynn Jacobs, PO Box 5784, Tuscon, AZ., 85703. I don’t know the author personally. I thought the book was helpful.


    1. Dear Barbara and Vivian

      Thanks for the book recommendations. A few other good books that I have read that give similar overviews of the revolting slaughter industry and the greed that drives it, in addition to how these practices affect our environment are:
      Eating Animals (Jonathan Safran Foer)
      The Food Revolution (John Robbins)
      Slaughterhouse (Gail A. Eisnitz)
      The Omnivores Dilemma (Michael Pollan)
      There are also many good books out there about converting to vegetarian or vegan. I just finished “The Kind Diet” written by Alicia Silverstone which I found to be fairly informative and easy to read. I am not quite there yet in terms of being vegetarian but trying very hard (it is difficult when you live with someone who is a tried and true meat eater!!!)


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