Give wild horses their land back

Wild Horses, Nevada. Photo Credit: Charlotte Dumas.
Wild Horses, Nevada. Photo Credit: Charlotte Dumas.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s plan for managing the American mustang population repeats past failures.

By JACK CARONE | Blowback |

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s ode to the “majestic” wild horse, and his description of how the federal government must manage its population in his Jan. 14 Times Op-Ed article, comes across to the average reader as a reasonable and sympathetic approach to the problems faced by the American mustang. What Salazar doesn’t mention is that the bureaucracies now under his control — and the business interests they service — have created the problems the Interior secretary says he wants to solve.

Today, like any population that stands in the way of those who covet their land, the wild horses continue to be removed from their range land and tragically herded down the trail to oblivion. With little basis in sound science, the horse has been scapegoated for environmental degradation. Meanwhile, government audits have found that the Bureau of Land Management has been curbing wild horse populations in areas where private livestock grazing is increasing. Cattle grazing on public land — easily a much bigger cause of rang land deterioration — outnumber wild horses by at least 200 to 1.

Salazar writes that since the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act was enacted in 1971 — which allowed wild horses to live free on lands where they existed at the time — the Bureau of Land Management has helped wild horse populations thrive and recover. Salazar has a curious definition of “thrive” and “recover.” Since 1971, the BLM has systematically whittled away the act’s protections, with about 47,000 wild horses now kept in short- and long-term holding pens and just 31,000 left roaming free on public lands.

Salazar’s suggestion that horse adoption is part of the answer is perhaps his most outrageous one. In 1997, a BLM official told the Associated Press that roughly 90% of adopted wild horses ended up going to slaughter. While some horses are adopted and do adapt to a domestic lifestyle, tens of thousands remain in holding. The government spends more than $30 million a year to house captured horses, a useless expense considering that there is no need to find new land for the American mustang. The land designated for them in 1971 hasn’t gone anywhere; instead, wild horses have been permanently removed from nearly 20 million acres of their original herd areas. Some of these lands have been sold and made available for livestock, but they have never been reopened to the horses.

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5 thoughts on “Give wild horses their land back”

  1. where does it all end……………….. The people of America must demand that The BLM is stopped in no uncertain terms………………….Again, I say America there is complete power in UNITEY… not a thousand people but all of America………………………………… Not one letter leaves my office without SAVE AMERICAS MUSTANGS written across the top………………..In BOLD Black Marker………………………..


  2. I personally dont believe anything that comes from anyone associated with the BLM> There Betrayal is right out in the open now !!! What we need to know is how does a Betrayed Nation deal with the likes of The BLM ??? How do we stop them now, outcry isnt working they all turn a completely deaf ear……….. Meanwhile !!!!!!! Our Mustangs SUFFER, I am totally outraged by The lies and deceit………Where is the Media?????? They should be all over this!!!! America wants Action Now………………… GIVE OUR MUSTANGS BACK THEIR LAND AND FREEDOM …………………………………Anything short of this is unacceptable…………..


    1. The only trouble when media “get all over it” is they are so corporate controlled and manipulated they just spout the same lies and the BLM & Co. I think the challenge is to try to think of new people everyday you can tell about this issue. People send jokes, cartoons, prayers and all sorts of stuff through the email, but hesitate to send something like this.

      Some people said they can’t “go wild” because they get embarrassed. We understand that.

      However, a very, very droll lawyer I know had his secretary type up a large file folder label for him saying “Save the Mustang” “Stop the Roundups” with the President’s phone number on it. He wears it every single day, even to Court, and is raising a lot of awareness in places and with people we as “professional” advocates would normally not reach.


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