Foal literally run off his feet in Calico wild horse roundup

Source: The Cloud Foundation

Two more horses were killed at the Fallon Facility in conjunction with the Calico roundup today.

Based on the posted BLM report: The Cattoors/BLM ran the feet off a colt on Tuesday, let him stand for a day, then made him ride four hours in a trailer to Fallon where he was unloaded and then shot. At least two of his hooves had fallen off.

It appears this colt and his family were run by helicopter up to 14 miles on Tuesday. It is unclear how fast he was run over the rough volcanic rock and terrain. The consequences are that he is died a cruel, painful and terrifying death.

Another mare was also down in the trailer, arrived at Fallon alive but died shortly thereafter.

No members of the public were allowed to observe today and no one will be allowed to go to Fallon Facility until next Tuesday, January 26th.

Calls were placed by The Cloud Foundation to both Assistant Director of Renewable Resources & Planning, Ed Roberson, and BLM Director, Bob Abbey, regarding the situation at the new Fallon facility. Calls were not returned.

The death toll is now up to six at the Fallon Facility. This absolutely unnecessary cruel winter roundup at taxpayer expense must stop. Please make calls to help these horses.

From BLM’s website, 1/21/10 Calico Roundup Update

  1. Transported 118 horses to the Fallon facility on Wednesday. Plan to ship the horses remaining at the gather corrals to Fallon today. Continuing to dissemble the gather corrals and move to new location in the Calico HMA.
  2. Mares coming into the Fallon facility are in poorer condition than stallions and weanlings/foals. About 30 mares from the Warm Springs HMA range in body condition from a 2.5 to 3.0. One mare that was down on the transport truck arrived at the facility alive, but subsequently died. One colt with multiple hoof sloughs from the capture was euthanized at the facility.
  3. About 20 to 25 horses at the facility have received treatment for various injuries or lameness and are recovering. There are no indications of infectious respiratory disease.
  4. The BLM has asked that wind breaks be installed at the Fallon facility, similar to ones that are at the Palomino Valley Center. The contractor will begin constructing wind breaks in 12 of the smaller holding/sorting pens which are used for sick or lame animals.
  5. Totals: 1,195 gathered, 1,074 moved to Fallon, 30 at gather corrals, 2 euthanized at gather site, 1 death pre-existing condition, 1 back to HMA.
  6. Fallon facility: 6 Deaths

Thin Gray Line

Contact the President

Contact Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar Note: Last we heard email feedback form was not working; may be back up now.

Contact the Bureau of Land Management

We understand your outrage. We feel it too. Please, however, keep a cool head. No death threats, swearing, name calling — but feel free to express your feelings about their actions.

21 thoughts on “Foal literally run off his feet in Calico wild horse roundup”

  1. […] often ran over ten miles until exhaustion, death, broken legs, hit with the helicopters, and even their feet run right of them (literally). And once in the corrals, even more death and injury […]


  2. The BLM will continue to trap and transport the old, pregnant mares in foal, the yearlings and foals to an unknown end. Their range lane has been designated for other use. Once they are removed from their range land they become federal wards. Their daily management and death will be as cruel and painful as their capture and transport away from their lands. And none of us will ever know what happens to them. As more are transported away from their range, others will magically disappear through the slaughter house.

    The U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has no interest in their survival but only their removal and death. We need to REMOVE Ken Salazar now.
    Obama is a city boy with neither knowledge nor interest in the wild horse and burro.


  3. I think they did that to the foal as an act of jealousy and vengeance because so much is being said about them and they are getting angry. That foal looks like it could be one of Clouds grandsons or relatives ( looks like cloud). They should put worthy people out there for the sake of these horses and pay them just as good as they do these jerks who do that. These people working for the BLM sound like real poachers. POACHERS.. Those people have always been around and probably always will. They make money off of fur, meat, other parts etc, in foreign countries, as an underground and make a lot of money. These acts must be banned in order to stop it. These men probably are selling these foals and horses to the slaughter industry. If you can catch them doing it then they should lose their jobs. It’s unbelievable how long this disrespect has been going on. It is not legal to sell horse meat to North Americans. It should also be illegal to participate in any of the cruel practices as well as importing them after they have been killed. The richest people eat horse meat and they should be ashamed of themselves whoever they are. They know who they are. DANGEROUS PEOPLE. Some rich people have no mercy and do not care about any other living thing other than their money. It’s nothing more than a job to them.


  4. Outrage is an understatement for what happened, what has BEEN happening for decades. We must each do something – please, every day, until BLM stops committing crimes on our tax dollars. Please, everyone, call, e-mail, donate to the Cloud Foundation and In Defense of Animals to support their efforts. Persist and perservere. Do it for the tortured and now dead foal. Do it for all of them. And tell EVERYONE you know to do the same.

    “The world is not a dangerous place because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein


  5. I agree that this is unfair to these amazing animals and needs to be STOPPED. Where is the heart of God in their souls? It’s just not right.


  6. This is cruel and unnecessary. I certainly DO NOT want my tax money to be used like this…..this is NOT what we pay taxes for and NO one should be allowed to do things like this. Barbaric!


  7. I have been a horseman and cowboy all my life, and what the BLM is doing is no roundup, they remind me trophy hunters and others who just kill and hurt animals for the thrill. And they get paid to break the law too. Enough is enough, folks. Get on that phone asap and tell BLM to lay off and stay off our mustangs.


  8. Please call, fax, and e-mail letters, and BOYCOTT the cattle ranchers, DO NOT BUY BEEF!

    Hit them in the wallet, that is the only language they understand!

    The BLM is a whore and a liar for special interest groups, they have been killing OUR wild horses on OUR public lands, and ignoring us for decades.

    How about not paying taxes until our voices are heard and the laws obeyed? I WILL NOT FINANCE A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT!!

    Bless all of you for taking action!!


  9. I read this over at a Yahoo group by a gal called Terry:

    FYI, horses/burros can completely regrow a new hoof.

    This was proven in Oatman when a young burro attacked the back of a fed ex truck and got his hoof ripped off in the bumper. Kirt Lander (natural hoof trimmer/owner/manufacturer of Renegade Boots) fitted a hoof boot on the burro, he was kept corraled, and he grew a complete new hoof. If he had been left for the BLM to deal with he’d have been shot.

    And regarding Obama, has McCain lifted a finger to stop any of this? Has he said a word? I’m hearing his campaign ads every commercial break on a local talk radio station.

    What we need are real people in office, not paid off politicians, and this latest decision from the Supreme Court is really going to make things a whole lot worse, when corporations are viewed as “people”.

    Think it’s corrupt now? This is the beginning of the end for this country unless this is reversed.


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