Chinese investors look to slaughter our horses

Oh look. Overseas investors want to slaughter our horses for us. Not the usual suspects like the French or Belgians, but Chinese. We all know what a great track record they have for killing animals for their flesh.

Tom Lutey reports for the Billings Gazette:

Foreign investors are considering Hardin for a horse-slaughtering plant, according an economic development official who recently toured a potential site with interested parties.

Jeff McDowell, Two Rivers Authority executive director, said investors with ties to China toured Hardin’s shuttered sugar beet plant earlier this month. The tour was arranged by Rep. Ed Butcher, R-Winifred, author of a 2009 state law promoting construction of a horse slaughter facility.

“There were two things in particular they were looking at,” McDowell said. “They were considering our somewhat rural location and our relative proximity to an airport that can handle 747s.”

McDowell said the visitors were a Chinese-American businessman, his daughter and a college professor friend.

Wait. Look who arranged the tour. Ed “Let em Eat Horses” Butcher.

2 thoughts on “Chinese investors look to slaughter our horses”

  1. okay…this really upsets me for many reasons…first the idea of slaughtering horses for meat or dog food is abhorrent to me. then there are the chinese, possibly the worst country for animal cruelty i can think of. they have places where you can eat dog…dogs that are tortured and frightened before they die, because apparently the adrenaline release makes them taste better. These are the people you want to do animal business with? why does anyone want to eat these creatures anyway? slaughterhouses are the most distressing places imaginable…who is this butcher guy?


    1. Ed Butcher is a politician; a Montana State Representative who put legislation through to allow the slaughter of horses for human consumption there. Butcher is the author, if not the originator, of this novel idea — making a law stating you cannot challenge a law you don’t happen to like in Court, to wit:

      “An act authorizing investor-owned equine slaughter or processing facilities; prohibiting a court from granting an injunction to stop or delay the construction of an equine slaughter or processing facility based on legal challenges or appeals of a permit, license, or certificate, or other approval issued in conjunction with environmental laws, (and the) setting (of) bonding requirements.”

      Wot? Unconstitutional and won’t stand, but we use it to illustrate the mentality of this individual.

      Interesting news from China on the eating of dogs and cats.

      “Chinese legal experts are proposing a ban on eating dogs and cats in a contentious move to end a culinary tradition dating back thousands of years.
      The recommendation will be submitted to higher authorities in April as part of a draft bill to tackle animal abuse.”
      Full story here:

      Back to Butcher and why what he is doing is scary for animal lovers.

      If politicians are courting the Chinese to butcher our horses, dogs and cats cannot be far behind. Animal murder pimps like Butcher will argue for dog and cat slaughter for human consumption (and fur) like this:

      1. Tons of dogs and cats are killed in shelters every year.
      2. Why not make a profit off of them?
      3. It will give people jobs.
      4. There are countries were they eat dog and cat meat; who are we to dictate what they should eat?
      5. It will help control the unwanted pet population.
      6. It will help decrease pet abuse.
      7. Humane slaughter is the same as euthanasia.

      Sound familiar? All arguments made on behalf of horse slaughter.


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