Wild horses rounded up in Nevada by criminal contractors

Wild horse lovers and activists suspect the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), if not of out-and-out criminal activity, then certainly of flaunting federal law, including blatantly ignoring the warning of a federal Judge with its customary “up yours” attitude.

Judge Paul Friedman advised the BLM outright in a case brought against them by In Defense of Animals, Craig Downer and Terri Farley, not to go ahead with the massive helicopter roundup of wild horses underway right now in the the Calico Complex area of northern Nevada, stating if they did so, they would be breaking the law.

Over the past few weeks, defenders of wild horses have railed and rallied against the BLM and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (sometimes referred to Ken Slaughter-Czar), among others.

Another player in this debacle who seems to have escaped attention are the contractors handling the cruel and potentially lethal helicopter roundups of wild horses, Cattoor Livestock Round Ups (Cattoor).

Cattoor has a long history of transgressions, referred to as “mild” by the BLM.

However, a public comments response document regarding Challis HMA wild horse roundup back in 2008, points out:

When questions were posed to BLM last year about Cattoor Livestock Round Ups history of criminal activities regarding wild horse captures, BLMs response indicated it was a minor transgression that had been appropriately accounted for.

However, further research indicated it was considerably more than minor and that much of the restitution paid was a result of complicated and hidden court proceedings that include over 1,600 pages of legal documentation on the issue – hardly a “minor” situation at all.

Furthermore, the obvious inappropriateness of BLM continuing to award contracts to someone with such a questionable history in relation to wild horse captures for commercial processing continues to be completely unacceptable and implies abuse of both government ethics considerations as well as a betrayal of the public trust.

Additionally, the use of Cattoor Livestock Round Ups is no longer appropriate. Prior history of criminal activities regarding private contracts to capture wild horses for commercial processing, being the contractor responsible for the well-documented footage of wild horse and foal deaths occurring in the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge in June 2006 as well as being the contractor that oversaw the Jackson Mountain wild horse gathers in August 2007, provides ample historical evidence and clear indications that humane handling and accurate assessments of wild horse needs are not being sufficiently incorporated or placed as a priority with this contractor.

The use of Cattoor Livestock Round Ups appears to be nothing more than a long and profitable relationship of exclusive government no bid contracts with no accountability required by BLM to the public or to the wild horse herds they are suppose to be protecting and as previously stated, continued use of this company is completely and totally unacceptable.

According to its website, Cattor state “We have been contracting wild horse roundups for the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and private individuals since 1975.

In this picture taken from the Cattoor website, the caption states that even small foals can keep up with the band.

Based on the information above, there is no logical reason to believe Cattoor are conducting the current wild horse roundup in Nevada in anything like a humane manner. Six deaths have already resulted, including a foal who was literally run off his feet.

Your tax dollars are being spent in the millions to aide and abet these atrocities. Get involved. Call, write, email. Tired of it all? So are these horses. Think that no matter what people do, this is never going to end until they are all gone? So do the horses.

Take a stand for our wild horses and burros, and keep standing until someone listens and this does end.

Call and email President Obama at the White House and ask him to call for:

1. an immediate halt to all wild horse and burro roundups and
2. an investigation into BLM practices in managing America’s wild horses and burros, including the continued use of Cattoor Livestock Round Ups who have a long history of criminal transgressions resulting in the pain, suffering and death of our legally protected wild horses and burros on public lands set aside for them.

  • White House Comments Line: 202-456-1111
  • White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414
  • Fax the President: 202-456-2461
  • Email the President here.
  • Email the President, First Lady, Ken Salazar et al here.

5 thoughts on “Wild horses rounded up in Nevada by criminal contractors”

  1. With each and every Wild Mustang that is destroyed by the BLM a piece of everyone of us is destroyed… We cannot allow this to go on…… I cannot express or stress how so very important it is to call the President. and Implore him to HALT these needless and horrific round-ups…. These Wild Mustangs are the very Symbol of AMERICAN FREEDOM, Keep calling the President, dont Stop, until this is stopped!!!!! So far we have heard nothing from the President, we need to get this message across……………….. I know I will not stop until Our Wild Mustangs are returned to the Land that is rightfully theirs,and they are given back their Freedom , and The BLM is held accountable for their ASSAULTS on them……….AMERICA STAND UP FOR OUR WILD MUSTANGS>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  2. Salazar is Hitler re-incarnated and his buddies at the BLM are Goebbels and Himmler re-incarnated. What they are doing to the horses is the same as what was done to the Jews: round up for murder. :-((


  3. Hi I have been looking out for the Wild horses of the Arrowhead or Pryor Mountains since 1953 but have seen them since 1941.
    Hear is something to put on your banners.

    The Death
    As I set on my majestic horse.
    And watch as a evil.
    Spirit sends a hot pace of lead into the soles.
    Of his brothers an sisters.
    For what.
    As his brothers an sisters.
    And all his four fathers.
    Have saved.
    Saved the lives of the ones.
    That are taken the lives.
    Of his loved ones.
    May the soles of the wild horses takers.
    Have no peace.
    The wild horses will.
    Hound there soles forever.
    Arthur B Giles


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