Good Morning America story on Nevada wild horse roundups


Wild horse lovers and advocates posting links to the recent Good Morning America story on the Bureau of Land Management massive roundups of wild horses resulting in abuse and death of around 30 horses, depending on whose abacus you are using, and not including “20-30” aborted foals, are calling on readers to “post comments” to try to dispel the BLM halftruths and lies that GMA gave so much airtime to.

People have been asking, where is big media in this huge story of government corruption and greed (last four words ours). Well, there it is.

The little coverage that has been given by major media outlets are fine examples of government directed media. Yes, we keep hearing about that, but most pay little attention because that’s just a few loose-talking liberal types who see conspiracy lurking behind every bush spouting off.

There has been no investigation of the continued atrocities in the decimation of a great, national treasure, unless you call googling to see what the blogosphere is saying, then lifting a few excerpts here and there, and basically reading from the BLM script.

The only journalism practiced in the case of the wild horse roundups in Nevada by major media outlets appears to be yellow, sans the sensationalism. There is plenty of sensationalism to be had, foals literally run off their hooves and dying, mares aborting foals, mares found dead in pens, and all well-documented with photographs and videos without having to look more than a few seconds for it.

When we complained about a report a few weeks ago weighted heavily in favor of the BLM, we were criticized for being angry and making emotional statements, saying this is no way to advocate for horses, and that big media would never “help us” get the story out to America with that kind of talk.

Good morning. They never were.

Link to GMA story >>

2 thoughts on “Good Morning America story on Nevada wild horse roundups”

  1. You are SO right! How can we help but be angry over the slanted journalism we get all around us? If the shoe were on the other foot, they would be screaming all over the place. But somehow, if animals are involved, you MUST be some kind of kook – an “animal rights activist,”- we’re all vegans, live in eastern cities, have never even SEEN a horse and plan to go after the abuse/slaughtering of cattle next.

    I would tell them how much I resent it, but I don’t want to seem emotional.


  2. just wanted to let you know, as i live in canada, that i have contacted our major networks to ask why i am not seeing coverage here about the roundups…this could affect our own wild horses, who do not even have protection under the law, as your horses supposedly do..much good it is doing them. i have also shared white house emails and numbers with friends on the care2 website and on facebook…everyone needs to phone and email everyone they can. we have got to stop this.


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