Second foal loses hooves then put down

Breaking News – Horseback Magazine – February 2, 2010

Foal lies in Fallon pen, dying. Laura Leigh, who captured this image, named him Hope Springs Eternal. Leigh tried to intervene, but was too late. Hope Spring Eternal died. Her Eulogy follows article below.


HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management confirmed today that a second foal has died at their hands after losing its hooves possibly from being driven down a Nevada mountainside by a roaring helicopter.

“Apparently there has been one more foal that was euthanized because of hoof Sloughs,” BLM spokeswoman JoLynn Worley of the agency’s Winnemucca office told Horseback Online.

The agency classifies the 1669 horses it has rounded up at the current Calico Mountain gather as “excess.”

Horseback has asked for the report of the BLM veterinarian who treated the foal. The foal died Saturday after two weeks of treatment. Worley has said she will post the report on the website when it becomes available.

Activist and videographer Laura Leigh noticed the foal laying down last week during a visit to the BLM hospital site. She had found the animal a caregiver outside of BLM control, however, it was too late.

According to a website set up for the current Calico roundup citing day to day progress on the capture of wild horses, the bureau acknowledges 27 deaths since the “gather” began on December 28th.

The BLM also admits that 20 to 30 mares have miscarried since late December. Full story at Breaking News >>

1 thought on “Second foal loses hooves then put down”

  1. What a sham ! What a scheme ! Rounding up wild horses then leaving them to die in sand pits with no food or water ? See the horse lying in the cold sand pit with no feed no water no IV no shelter ?

    that is the BLM’s idea of a “pen for sick Foals ? they shot this foal !
    because the foal lived and did not perish fast enuf for the wicked BLM!
    the BLM and the Cattoors: The Con artists and the Cons…Stop the BLM !


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