Remember Calico: Broken horses, broken promises

1922 Mustangs Captured in Largest Mass Removal from Public Lands, Death Toll Rises to 39 not including 20-30 aborted foals

Source: The Cloud Foundation Press Release

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has pulled the plug on the massive roundup of wild horses in the Calico Complex. This remote and starkly beautiful area in northwestern Nevada was home to one of the largest wild, free-roaming herds of wild horses in the United States.

39 horses are reported dead as a result of the winter roundup. This does not include the 25-30 mares that have aborted their late term foals in the feedlot style facility outside Fallon, Nevada.

The death toll is expected to rise as BLM begins preparing and processing the horses next week (freeze-branding, gelding of stallions, etc.). However, the public may not know what happens from here on out, as BLM has decided not to provide veterinary reports on the cause of death in the new Fallon facility, according to BLM manager, John Neill.

Despite a public statement by Don Glenn (December 7 at the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting in Reno) in which he said that the public is welcome to view the roundups at any time (hence no need for a humane observer), the public was allowed only limited access to watch the Calico roundup.

Viewing was limited to Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays by appointment only. Only 10 observers were allowed on any one day. Even on the days the public was allowed to attend, viewers were required to leave between 1 and 2 in the afternoon, even though the Cattoor contract crew and helicopters continued to round up wild horses.

Close access was denied for the last two weeks of the operation and injuries could not be detected or documented. BLM has referred to the visitors as “anti-gather advocates”. The contractors admitted that 30 wild horses captured on January 31 were left overnight in a crowded capture corral without water due to muddy conditions which prevented trucks from accessing the capture sight.

Now BLM sights are set on the wild horses of the Eagle Complex in the mountains of eastern Nevada. The area is larger than the state of Rhode Island, yet the number of mustangs allowable according to BLM is 100. At the same time, the number of privately-owned welfare cattle allowed is over 2,700.

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Images captured by Kurt Golgart

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3 thoughts on “Remember Calico: Broken horses, broken promises”

  1. Clearly, the BLM’s hatred for these creatures is out of control, and has reached beyond the point of ever regaining the public’s support and trust again.
    I have written the president, called etc..The BLM’s ferocious eradication of these creatures clearly indicated the need for this grovernment organization to be shut down and turned over to the hands of the people. The rebuilding of a new system by public vote, scientific analysis, environmental conservation groups and advocates, etc., the Roam act enforced by severe penalties and criminal prosecution, and above all, long term environmental longevity.
    I’m curious to know how the BLM plans to manage reseeding the grass lands for their unacceptable cattle grazing plan? Exactly, they can’t, there is no plan, this so called ‘management’ is a disgrace, the meltdown of evolution. Without the wild horse naturally reseeding and fertilizing these vast areas, if allowed, cattle grazing will leave the land barren and destroyed, just as their round-ups.
    Today, third world countries are economically and environmentally destitute from cattle grazing catastrophe, as their communities are scrambling for relief, and global assistance. Here a leader of nations, the USA, doing the same thing
    with every resource a complete waste. The gluttony, greed, shame and national disgrace is blinding.
    I don’t want my country run by an uneducated hand full of exterminators with a short term pocket book profit policy with a complete disregard for the value of life and our precious future for generations to come.
    We can stop them. The time is now.


  2. Please change the total killed to 69. The 30 miscarriages must be counted also. The stress of running for miles and being terrorized has been too much for the mares in late term pregnancy.


    1. We have not overlooked the reported 20-30 aborted foals. That is what the BLM are saying. There are probably many more; and tragically many more to come.

      We are cross-posting from The Cloud Foundation. It is not our article to correct, and they probably won’t mind we changed the subtitle. The aborted foals were already mentioned in the text.

      Thanks Barbara.


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