Video revealing Calico foal run to death by BLM on YouTube

Videographer Laura Leigh posted a stunning video on YouTube of a foal being chased at close range by a BLM helicopter during the recent Calico Mountains roundup of wild horses in northern Nevada. The “gather” has sparked street protests from coast to coast and abroad.

The footage shows a foal who appears to be having difficulty keeping up with his stampeding mother after an alleged 15 mile chase, yet the helicopter relentlessly pursues the herd. Later footage shows a foal limping in captivity and another foal lying on the freezing cold ground. The reclining foal reportedly died later after losing his hooves, following this chase or one just like it. He was the second foal to parish under these circumstances.

Horseback Magazine

These are your taxpayer dollars at work.

One has to ask with ever increasing alarm, what is happening to the remaining wild horses the BLM have now put away out of public view?

What will it take for President Obama, Interior Secretary Salazar and members of Congress, to call an immediate halt to these atrocities, order a full scale investigation, and prosecute those responsible for these heinous crimes?

If the government is looking for some place else to spend the additional $12M Obama is awarding the BLM in his budget, how about that?

Thin Gray Line

Please telephone the President at 202 456 1111 or 202 456 1414 and ask him to call an immediate halt to all roundups and order a full scale investigation into BLM conduct in the Wild Horses and Burro Program. If the phone lines are not open, please email him here.

1 thought on “Video revealing Calico foal run to death by BLM on YouTube”

  1. Its incomprehensible anyone could terrorize our wild horses and abuse them in every way possible -but that is what our gov. is allowing the BLM, US Wildlife, Dept of Agric. and F & G to do. They will all pay-as we will make sure the world & her children see the horrific abuse they have subjected our majestic horses to in their greedy quest to steal the our public lands from the the wild horses. We will show every cowardly brutality inflicted on our majestic horses by the very people entrusted to protect them- the lying corrupt ignorant cowards have betrayed America, her wild horses and lands in every way possible committing genocide & ecocide through their brutality, greed and ignorance. It is also amazing to me that the BLM, US Wildlife, Dept of Agric. and F& G are run by cowardly, ignorant, stupid, incompetent, immoral corrupt liars and by allowing this genocide & ecocide President Obama has shown he is not our hero coming to save us on the magnificent black horse – but the one responsible now for killing our beloved wild horses. Its heartbreaking having to tell our children that our gov. is worse than Michael Vick. To Americas & Nevada’s Wild Horse Hero, Freedom – LONG MAY YOU RUN !!!!!!
    Many do not learn from history and are doomed to repeat it-the American Indian was also brutalized, marginalized and subjected to genocide and ecocide to steal their lands- we have a chance to not let these cowardly brutal killers & thieves get away with it again- were with you Freedom.


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