Why double decker trailers are unsafe for transporting horses

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) has put together an excellent report discussing the reasons why double decker trailers are unsafe for transporting horses.

Double decker livestock trailers are the traditional means for transporting livestock such as pigs and cattle to and from auctions, and to slaughter. These vehicles are not meant for transporting horses, anywhere, and doing so results in horrific injuries, and even death.

The most common use of double decker trailers to transport horses in North America is to auctions and slaughter plants. In the U.S., they are also used to transport horses to and from rodeo and other sporting events.

This five page report is full of informative photographs that illustrate why it is so dangerous to transport horses in double decker livestock trailers, and a great resource for advocating.

For our Canadian readers, there is a call to action on page five. Please get involved!

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