Auction of police horses from disbanded San Diego Unit ends Thursday

Former San Diego Police Horse Junior
Junior is one of the highly trained horses that made up the Police Department’s mounted unit, which was disbanded at the end of 2009. Photograph by David Brooks, Sign On San Diego, Dec.19, 2009.

It is sad to see the San Diego Mounted Police Unit disbanded, but happy to see that the horses are highly prized and respected, and that bids have been in the high thousands for them. This hopefully ensures the individuals purchasing these great public servants will give them good, loving homes. The high bids certainly ensure that none of the San Diego Police horses will be bought by kill buyers for slaughter.

LaJolla Light reports:

With one day left to bid, seven highly trained San Diego police horses were fetching anywhere from $6,100 to $10,600 in an online auction designed to help raise money for the cash-strapped city.

Wam, Trigger, Major, Junior, Bret, Bandit and Austin, who have been used to patrol Balboa Park and are accustomed to crowds, traffic and loud noises, are being sold, along with their tack, on until Thursday, when the auction is scheduled to close.

The San Diego Police Department, which is disbanding its horse unit after more than 25 years, said the horses range in age from 5 to 16.

As of early Wednesday, Junior, a 5-year-old Draft Cross gelding, has drawn 82 bids, with the highest bid at $10,600. The second most sought-after police horse is Bret, a 12-year-old Percheron/Draft Cross gelding, who has drawn 77 bids, with the highest bid so far at $8,500.

The remaining five police horses have received between 49 and 65 bids each, with the highest ranging from $6,100 and $8,100.

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