Alert your doctor not to prescribe Premarin for menopausal symptoms

For every 150 women who stop taking Premarin, one mare is spared from the “pee line” and seven “byproduct” foals are not be slaughtered for their meat.

We are not spiritually unconnected from the drugs we take, or from the pain and suffering that goes into their making.”

— Alice Walker

“We crush ’em and recycle ’em . . . just like aluminum cans.”

— Pat Houde, equine feed lot manager, regarding Premarin foals and mares

The Int’l Fund for Horses is working to end the use of medications derived from conjugated equine estrogen (CEE), or pregnant mare’s urine.

Mares, foals and women are all at risk. The mares and foals cannot speak for themselves, but women can, and should, for the horses and for themselves.

We ask that women please prepare the following letter and send it to their physicians.

If you are a woman not experiencing menopausal symptoms, please edit the letter to fit your circumstances (omit the last paragraph and end with a thank you).

Both men and women should share this with the horse lovers and women in their lives.

Thank you for getting involved!

Download Word Document of Letter Here

Thin Gray Line

[Insert Date]

Dr. [Insert Name]
[Insert Address]
[Insert City, State, Zip]

Dear Dr. [Insert Name]

Re: Hormone Replacement Therapy Drugs for Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms
Premarin®, Prempro® and Aprela (awaiting approval)

Please Refuse to Prescribe these Drugs

As a concerned and knowledgeable patient regarding the use of the conjugated equine estrogen produced drugs Premarin® and Prempro®, I encourage you to stop prescribing these medications for relief of menopausal symptoms. Premarin® and other such HRT compounds are derived from the high concentration of estrogen in pregnant mare’s urine (PMU). Not only is the collection practice inhumane but the risks imparted by these drugs to unsuspecting women are objectionable and unnecessary. Many believe that the risks far outweigh any benefits offered given that these particular medications are recognized by the United Nations as potent carcinogens.

The Horses

Life for PMU mares is merciless; repeatedly impregnated for up to as many as 20 years, they spend 6 months of their 11-month pregnancy confined to stalls so small they have difficulty turning around or lying down. During this time, they are permanently connected to cumbersome rubber urine collection bags that chafe their flanks, cause infections and severely limit movement. Water intake is routinely restricted to concentrate the amount of estrogen in their urine causing life-threatening renal and liver problems. Equally disturbing is the fate of the foals – the “by-products” of the industry. Most are sold at auction to “kill buyers” and ultimately end up at the slaughterhouse.

The Women

Nationwide studies (e.g. NIH’s Women’s Health Initiative) have been published that clearly corroborate the link between HRT, cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia. Women who take these drugs face significantly increased risks of: invasive breast cancer (26%), heart disease (29%), strokes (41%), blood clots to the lungs and legs (50%), ovarian cancer (60%), impaired cognitive function, dementia and Alzheimer’s, asthma, lung cancer, malignant melanoma, and reduced insulin resistance, among others. Most importantly, when these medications are stopped, a woman’s risk returns to the same level as those who have never used these therapies.

The Culprits

Noteworthy are the on-going lawsuits against Wyeth (now a Division of Pfizer), the manufacturer of the Premarin® family of drugs. Juries and Judges alike have shown that Wyeth failed to adequately warn consumers about the risks associated with these drugs and that they purposefully hid the risk of breast cancer and other diseases. Moreover, evidence has confirmed that Wyeth employed ghostwriters to write medical reports related to HRT and paid physicians to sign off as the authors. Not only did the articles overstate the benefits of HRT, but they diminished the serious risks associated with the drugs.

The Alternatives

I believe there are safer and more humane alternatives available. However, as always, before trying these alternative remedies, I would like to discuss these options with you.


[Insert Patient Name]
[Insert Patient Ref Id# if applicable]
[Insert Patient Address]
[Insert Patient City, State, Zip]
[Insert Patient Telephone No.]

Thin Gray Line

Download Word Document of Alternatives Here

For more information on the PMU industry, please read the iFH Fact Sheet >>

Read articles about Premarin and the horses on Tuesday’s Horse >>

Thank you, Jane, for your stellar work and leading our Team in this effort.

24 thoughts on “Alert your doctor not to prescribe Premarin for menopausal symptoms”

  1. This is barbaric! I had no idea this was how Premarin is made. I have terrible hot flashes from menopause but I will never use these drugs. Please please stop torturing these defenseless horses! Thank you!


    1. I went balistic at my GP who tried to prescribe Pre(gnant)mar(e)(ur)in(e) to me after a radical hysterectomy and Ovarian Cancer. I battled and ended up finally with HRT gel. Used this for the prescribed 20 years. No problems at all. Stopped 5 years ago. Was also given 5 months to live at the same time. Feb 1993!! Still here, still have horses. Premarin is barbaric and not necessary as synthetic substitutes are available.


  2. Omg I just got off this because iv been on way too long the doctor told me
    I never realised horses were involved
    I am a horse person omg,I am so ashamed


  3. Blatant lies. The foals produced are valuable draft and sporthorses and Pfizer specifically prohibits from sale to slaughter markets! The mare’s welfare is very carefully regulated and monitored. I know, I have been there. Any group that asks you to donate to rescure PMU horses is conning you!!


    1. You madam are the liar. Shame on you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      You should have your shingle stripped.

      Dear readers. If a veterinarian ever spews such blatant lies to you run for the door. Don’t take your animals to them. This one sounds like one of those who states that slaughter is euthanasia and good for the horse.

      We have never solicited donations for the rescue PMU mares or foals. But we have observed several rescue missions when facilities were operating in N. Dakota and Canada.

      I wonder how much Pfizer is paying her to spew this nonsense.


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