Las Vegas wild horse protest roundup


With much hard work and determination, wild horse advocates were able to get four up close encounters with President Obama in his motorcade. Each time, they were holding different versions of the awesome banners that Arlene has produced and they are certain that Obama and his aides saw them and registered the message.

Yesterday, Gina Griesen of Nevada Voters for Animals and her daughter held banners as the Obama motorcade entered a housing development where the president was attending a $39,000 a plate fundraising dinner. Gina and her daughter stayed late and also caught the motorcade on its way out.

Today Arlene, Craig Downer, Elyse Gardner and a few others tracked Obama around Las Vegas catching up with the motorcade twice. On at least one of these occasions, they were in close proximity to the president’s limo, which was traveling very slowly and they could see him look straight at them holding their mustang freedom banners. They have also done numerous media interviews over these past few days. These folks have worked really hard this week to bring the plight of wild horses to the President’s attention!

Full report at The Cloud Foundation blog here >>


Did you support the Las Vegas wild horse and burro roundup protest with your phone calls, faxes and emails?

It is not too late. It does not matter if you are late to the issue. What matter is you get — and stay — involved.

We need to keep the wild horse and burro roundups on the White House radar until they the President calls for a moratorium on all roundups and orders an investigation into BLM practices.

To date the Calico roundup in northern Nevada has resulted in the deaths of more than 80 wild horses and counting, among them mares aborting their foals, and young foals literally run off their hooves.

But only the BLM know what is going on in the Fallon holding pens, as the public are not allowed access to view the processing of the Mustangs captured from the Calico Complex area.

Call the President: 202 456 1111
Fax the President: 202 456 4651

Email the President at

Thank you everyone.

Carol Poole
iFH Wild Horse & Burro Team

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas wild horse protest roundup”

  1. We demand the inhuman brutal unnecessary wild horse round ups stop now ! We need our wild horses protected NOW from the BLM liars -it is unacceptable for this brutal corrupt agency that only serves the interests of the cattle industry to continue their brutal abuse and genocide of the horses they were supposed to be protecting. We demand our horses be protected now and that the BLM be held accountable for the brutal abuse and genocide of our wild horses!


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