Compassion and activism each have their place says Harmony HorseWorks

Guest Post

Compassion and activism are sometimes seemingly incompatible activities in the horse rescue/sanctuary business, but each has its place. It takes one type of individual to be compassionate and caring on a daily basis, taking responsibility for stewardship of an entire herd and a business, and another personality to be “out there” in the world creating or defending a platform on behalf of animals.

We are often asked why we are not more “activist” and our answer is always the same – there is not much energy and no money left over at the end of the day to be an activist other than in a supporting role after our primary activity – caring for our horses. Innumerable causes for and against horses exist and to pick one and stand for it would be taking a narrow point of view and to try to support all causes supporting horses is too enormous.

We try not to take hard positions or stances and instead focus on the horses that come through our sanctuary and do the best we can to care for each and every one of them. In this way, we can set an example to others and perhaps do some good.

We also help other equine welfare organizations and individuals help place at risk horses into safety. By setting a local example to our community and inviting volunteers in, we hope to educate people about horse care and the plight of the “unwanted” horse so each person’s awareness level is raised to the point of at least compassion. Some even go on to be activists.

Visit their website for more information.

Harmony HorseWorks is a horse sanctuary for special needs horses with good dispositions and otherwise general good health. Located in Conifer, Colorado, Harmony HorseWorks received their 501(c)(3) nonprofit status on February 23, 2004. Fundraising efforts bring are responsible for a majority of Harmony HorseWorks’ annual revenues and is run by volunteers.

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