Wild horse protesters in Carson City demand the truth from the BLM

Cross-posted from the Nevada Appeal

February 21, 2010


Dozens of wild horse roundup protesters lined Carson Street in front of the Legislature from Fifth Street to the Capitol Saturday, waving signs as motorists blared horns in support.

The Truth Rally, sponsored by the Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates, was organized, said Bonnie Matton, to try to get the facts to the public.

“We’re trying to get BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to really tell the truth about what’s going on in the wild horse roundups,” said Matton, president of the Wild Horse Preservation League of Dayton.

“We are the first to say that the horses need management — most wild horse advocates would agree with that — everything on public lands needs management, but we need to work together for the good of every living thing,” she said.

Protester Etta Butler said advocates are angry with the BLM for what they say are poor management techniques.

“They have taken too many horses off of their natural habitat and there is not enough money to feed them in the holding pens so they have to move them out of state,” Butler said.

The group is particularly angered by the so-called Calico roundup north of Reno, which they say had devastating effects on the horses.

“They’ve never done roundups so early in the season — they know better,” said Nan Pearson. “The mares are all in foal this time of year. But they run them, and the mares have spontaneous abortions and bleed to death. They usually do it later when the babies are born and can keep up.” Read full story >>

1 thought on “Wild horse protesters in Carson City demand the truth from the BLM”

  1. This is a great story, problem is all outcries from American People are ignored…The BLM needs to have a full investigation, into its MisManagement of Our Wild Mustangs, every wild mustang that is terrorized by the BLM, breaks my heart, these beautiful living legends are being , mismanged to extinction…. Action needs to be taken now, What they are doing is AGAINST the LAW>>>>and all Our Principles, they continue to get away with this Atrocity, disgrace and betrayal….Dispite our outcries, what more can we do I have pleaded with all officials,written letters to all Senators, and it still goes on, at the expense of the very lifes of Our Wild Mustangs, these Proud Magnificent beings, are suffering at the hands of the BLM , who can make them stop , they now believe they are unstoppable…. They continue to insult our intelligence, and betray us and the wild mustangs………..is there no end…………………


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