Action Alert: Colorado Horse Lovers

Attention Colorado Horse Lovers

Hearing Set Friday, March 5th, Needs Your Urgent Action!

A bill is pending in the Colorado State Senate that would provide a line on your State income tax form to give taxpayer money to an “unwanted horse fund.”

While this may sound credible, it does not help rescues at all. As a matter of fact, it will take donation dollars away from horse rescues and sanctuaries who provide safe havens, hands on care, and placement in loving, long-term homes.

The organization which would benefit from this funding is the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance (CUHA). This organization does not take in horses and has no intention of ever doing so.

This organization formed as a result of slaughter houses closing in the U.S. with the notion that our country is being overrun with “unwanted horses.” This is a far cry from the truth. Beware. These alliances like CUHA are pro horse slaughter and run by members of the pro horse slaughter camp.

Please take the time to read the information at the link below and take action as your earliest opportunity.

We strongly encourage you to contact the Senate Appropriations Committee members. A link where you can easily email or call them is provided.

Taxpayer dollars should not fund an organization that lacks a proven record of success when so many true horse rescue and sanctuaries are working daily, year after year, providing real help.

Please cross-post this far and wide to everyone you are in regular contact with. This is about everyone’s taxpayer dollars, not just horse lovers.

Do not be defrauded of your money and deprive true horses rescuers much needed resources, who take care of displaced horses because of abuse, neglect, and abandonment due to our ailing economy.

iFH Advocacy Team

3 thoughts on “Action Alert: Colorado Horse Lovers”

  1. Bottom line is MONEY for EVERYONE involved in the meat market! They’ll do ANYTHING to deceive the public!! BUT—WE’RE smarter than that, eh?! We all know where ANYONE who’s unwanted goes…straight to hell at the hands of slaughterers! (With MUCH help from the BLM in this case!) So PLEASE, if this bill goes through, DO NOT donate to this fund, and DO educate everyone you know who pays taxes what will happen with their money if they do donate to it! If you can donate please do so through a known reputable horse rescue organization—there are many! PLEASE don’t allow this tactic to undo their valuable, life saving work!!!


  2. Its amazing to me what cowardly lying scum these horses slaughterers are. Beware we will not be fooled or give up protecting horses and exposing these cowardly lying scum.


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