American Herds asks what’s left?

Wild mustangs running free by Brian Murphy
Wild mustangs running free by Brian Murphy

What Left?

Cross-posted from American Herds
December 9, 2009

As the united call to stop BLMs unchecked assault on the American mustang & burro continues to gain momentum, with over 180 organizations and celebrities now supporting a moratorium to halt any further removals until key issues can be resolved, here’s one more reason to demand a “cease and desist” until a full scale investigation can be conducted on the Wild Horse & Burro Program to determine what’s really left out on the range.

Since 2001, BLM has reported removing over 80,000 wild horses and burros at an average of 10,000 animals per year. Despite these aggressive efforts, they continue to report little to no impact has been made on reining in their “excess” populations, a nebulous term BLM continues to define and an even more elusive goal they never seem able to achieve.

According to BLM, their target is a maximum national population goal of 26,578 wild horses and burros, a target that BLM has cut by over 2,000 animals just in the last five years, and BLM intends on spending approximately $32 million dollars to remove over 12,000 animals this year to reach it.

In the spring of 2009, BLM reported over 37,000 wild horses and burros still roamed free on public lands throughout the West but if you look at the numbers, serious questions arise as to the validity of these claims.

For example, in 2002, BLM removed 12,029 wild horses and burros equating to 31% of those reported on the range; despite this high percentage, BLM reported it only reduced the national totals by a mere 1,600 animals. In 2003, BLM removed over 10,000 more (26%) but still the removals seemingly made no impact as BLM now reported national totals declined by only 51 animals.

In July 2008, an independent analysis examined BLMs statistics and found a very different scenario than what BLM continued to report regarding the number of animals still remaining on the range published in, “America’s Mustangs and Burros: What’s Left, The High Cost of Miscalculating and Will They Survive?”

Using the same methods BLM uses to manage the Wild Horse & Burro Program, an alternative population emerged that concluded, as of February 28, 2008, BLM had already removed between 11,000 to 14,000 more animals than necessary to achieve their national population goals.

Still, the round ups continued….

Today, American Herds presents the updated numbers of what may be all that’s really left of America’s free-roaming herds as of September 30, 2009, now hovering between 22,000 to 26,000 less than BLM continues to publicly report.

In addition to graphically illustrating the annual population declines, at least 52 Herd Management Areas have been found to have extreme jumps in annual population reports that were key in supporting BLMs national “excess” with 25 of these occurring between 2007/2008 and 16 between 2008/2009. To learn more, Click Here.

Until Congress demands an independent count of the populations BLM has been reporting, both on and off the range, the evidence continues to mount that “What’s Left?” has reached critical levels of concern.

Read full report >>

Read America’s Mustangs & Burros: What’s Left, The High Costs of Miscalculating and Will They Survive?, By C.R. MacDonald

9 thoughts on “American Herds asks what’s left?”

  1. BLM has been lieing since it started. 1..They claim that the wild horses of America are not indigenous the America and are not wild and were introduced to this country by another country. WRONG… The fires horse in the WHOLE world, (THE SCORSI HORSE) STARTED IN NORTH AMERICA! THEREFORE POPULATING THE REST OF THE WORLD WITH HORSES! That sounds indigenous to this country! 2..BLM is using our tax dollars to fund this genocide and selling them as food. There is enough food in this world to go around. Horses were not meant to be food. It’s an animal that has given everything they’ve got to help mankind and the most beautiful creation GOD created. BLM leaders are part of the beast that runs this world. They crush and kill. They don’t do anything that is good. They need to be prosecuted for : animal cruelty, neglect and torture of these beautiful animal. They need to be prosecuted for misappropriation of taxpayers money. They need to be prosecuted for behind door bribes. They are beasts with no love for beauty.. Their love is money and power!


  2. An immediate moratorium on all roundups is needed! This must be followed by hearings and investigations on BLM mismanagement; accurate and independent assessments of just how many wild horses we have left and the real range conditions. Then we need to develop a sustainable plan for our wild herds on our Western public lands and restore their protections set forth in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Moving our wild horses in non-reproducing, broken families to the East is not the answer.


    NO MORE BLM CORRUPT KILLERS-KILLING OUR WILD HORSES- PROTECT THEM NOW AND PROSECUTE BLM. Here is usual fraud by BLM – also there is no wild horse overpopulation-arrest these brutal corrupt liars !!!!


  4. One has to question what part Sen. Harry Reid has to do with the accelerated destruction of our wild horses and burros. Reid is the one who asked former Sen. Conrad Burns to amend the 1971 Act to allow slaughter, among other things.

    See .

    According to Burns, Reid asked Burns to help him out with a “problem.” We are fairly convinced that if Obama removed Salazar tomorrow, BLM conduct in regard to the WH&B Mgmt Program would remain the same. It’s Reid we need to get rid of, just like we did with Burns. Tragically, with mid-terms still so far away, it may be too late.


  5. Just appalling – that’s what describes this situation. When a part of the federal government (BLM) can disobey the United States Law ( Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971), can we expect any justice in any branch of the government?


  6. I don’t think the politicians are even listening. With each call that I make to the politicians of my state, I receive the same form letter in reply, telling me that the BLM has the authority to do what it is doing. But not one of them has addressed the problems within the BLM and their lack of accountability.


  7. I believe Ken Salazar, whose family roots are in cattle ranching, thinks he is untouchable by anyone–just like J Edgar Hoover was for so long with the FBI. I don’t think our President has the ability or the cojones to go head to head with him over the destruction of the Mustangs. We must keep up the fight and try to get Congress and Senate as a whole to enact some protection.


  8. I am sick and tired of the BLM lies to the public. Where is the transparency we were promised by Obama? The corruption must be exposed . What politician has the courage to do this ?


  9. This has to be changed. The whb’s are being eliminated. Our public officials are in cahoots with whb enemies! this must be exposed.


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