Horse slaughter a necessary evil say some in Illinois

Whoa, look, another one of those awful stories about horse activists supporting horse slaughter. Horse slaughter supporters call it a “necessary evil.” By their own words it is evil; however, it is not and never has been necessary.

Illinois State Rep. Jim Scacia wants to bring horse slaughter back to Illinois, filing yet another bill to repeal the ban. The story pits Donna Ewing against Gail Vacca. No worries, Gail will win by a bigger margin than Secretariat won the Belmont.

Donna Ewing is a horse hater from way back. Is that the best the reporter can come up with as a “horse activist” for slaughter, ew?

Go here to read the article, comments. There is a weirdo sort of poll for rating one’s feelings about horse slaughter too.

No respect, absolutely none.

Read the White Paper, Horse Slaughter: An Unnecessary Evil, 2002. Good information for the informed true horse activist.

6 thoughts on “Horse slaughter a necessary evil say some in Illinois”

  1. It is so, so wrong and anybody who would defend this industry must not have a clue about horses in any way.
    I just can’t believe Governments defend this industry, or promote the product and tell users those drugs can be cooked out of the meat. If that is the case, lets hope for some “basashi” sushi eater to bring on a lawsuit after they get sick and suspect it is from eating the raw, drug laden meat. This industry just needs a few big fat lawsuits to help shut it down. I think it will happen eventualy and not nearly soon enough in my opinion.
    If the information that these drugs can make a human gravely ill is out there, and some horse eater gets sick, they might suspect the meat as the reason they are ill, and sue the industry as others have sued industries (tobacco for example) and cost that industry millions.


  2. This “necessary evil” stuff is not only wrong, it’s ridiculous. If slaughter were the answer to “unwanted” horses, why are they still around – considering that slaughter is still around.

    What a no-brainer!


  3. I don’t understand some so called horse advocates and Government Legislators desire for horse slaughter in any way.

    Beyond the fact that horse slaughter is immoral, cruel and not necessary to maintain horse numbers in North America, are Legislators not concerned about the potential for multiple lawsuits that could eventually come as a result of people consuming drug laden, toxic horsemeat?

    The vast majority of domestic horses of all kinds, racing, riding, drafts etc.. are routinely given drugs that are banned for any animal destined for human consumption, Bute, steroids, multiple worm medications are just a few examples. These drugs are known to cause cancer, degrade bone marrow and cause a multitude of other illnesses in humans.

    What are these Legislators thinking? Where is the sense in the inhumane slaughter of horses to feed their toxic bodies to people in foreign lands who must not realize what they are eating when the choose to consume horsemeat?


    1. Governments lie to the public everywhere. When we tried to address the toxic horse meat issue in France and Belgium, they told the people that any residues “cooked out.” Regardless of the poisons, it is everything you say Misti, cruel and immoral. The reason why horse slaughter exists is that people want to eat the horse meat and the people supplying it make a lot of money.


  4. No doubt horse slaughter is evil. Trying to get horse slaughter banned at the federal level based on cruelty has not gotten a federal law passed. You have to follow the money and hit them there.


  5. In Defense of Animals has an accurate assessment of this cowardly practice when they said “In 2007, state courts closed America’s last three equine processors in Texas and Illinois. Still, the lack of a federal law let over 100,000 horses go to slaughter in Canada and Mexico in 2008.

    To reach kill plants, horses are jammed in double-decked cattle trailers that hurt their heads and necks. Food, water and rest are withheld for 24 or more hours. Horses arrive weak and injured. Some are dead by journey’s end. Others kept in the over-packed trailers endure hot or cold weather extremes. Horses who collapse are brutally offloaded.

    Slaughter is excruciating for these easily excitable animals. Horses are goaded into the kill box with fiberglass rods. Workers pummel their faces, necks, backs and legs. The captive bolt pistols used in Canada often don’t work on such long-necked animals, and leave them thrashing in pain.

    In Mexico, killers use a “puntilla knife” to sever a horse’s spinal cord. Investigative footage from a San Antonio News-Express expose in 2007 shows alert horses stabbed repeatedly around the withers. When a horse finally falls, he is merely paralyzed while workers dangle him by his hind leg and slit his throat. Some horses even remain sentient when dismembered.

    Violent slaughter should never be an alternative to rescue, adoption or humane euthanasia. Furthermore, without a federal law horse kill plants may reopen in states where they are not currently banned. ”

    Only the cowardly, ignorant, greedy and evil would support horse slaughter. Its a national disgrace that will be stopped and our majestic, noble and beloved horses will all be protected from the sleazy cowardly horse murderers.


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