Wild horses in Wyoming have no respect for the dead

A report filed by Channel 9 News NBC Denver says that wild horses are running amok around the tiny town of Green River, Wyoming, including forays into the local graveyard where they toppled headstones of the ancient dead. Oh, look, we see. It was because the “rowdy herd” was being chased. The Riverview Cemetery, incidentally, borders their natural habitat.

Anyway, the local BLM station agrees with the locals that they haven’t seen anything like it. There’s just way too many horses; 5,000 of them between Wyoming and Colorado laments local agent Lorraine Keith. But the BLM knows just what to do. Get rid of them, the pests.

Keith says that the BLM plan to round up about 1,500 wild horses although they don’t know where they are going to put them. Maybe a Salazar Sanctuary for Meddlesome Mustangs coming to an eastern patch near you.

But, no, that won’t do say some. Let them stay Out West.

The beast goes on.

Read story here >>

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