Calico aftermath: Humane observations


Excerpts from Humane Observer blog. Photographs (c) Elyse Gardner 2010.

They didn’t report the Pigeon Fever outbreak until two weeks after it was a known problem and advocates were on site at Fallon asking questions.

And now BLM is saying the horses came in off the range with it. Oh, please. BLM is trying to say, “Oh, yes; we saw it when they came in off the range. We’re on top of things. We knew that.” (See Image 1)

Was it an oversight to omit mention of 15 to 20 spontaneous abortions?

They never said boo about all the miscarriages until advocates saw it and documented it during a visit to Fallon. They then admitted 15 to 20 had happened. They then started reporting them on their “Daily Updates.” They then called off the Ely roundup because of the late-term pregnancies, which of course they knew would be happening that time of year anyway. Scheduling that huge Ely roundup for that time of year (February) must have been an oversight. (See Image 2)

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Before you go, consider this.

The word outrage is blunted by the continued and outrageous spectacle of abuses being committed against the Calico horses of Nevada, and that is just from what little we know.

We understand the feelings of those who follow us when they ask, is there nothing else we can do but call the President, a President who chooses to look the other way.

Obama launched himself into office on the word hope. Ask him what hope is left for our wild horses and burros if he does not take action to protect them from his own administration.

If Obama truly wants to be a groundbreaking President, here is a wonderful opportunity for him to do something spectacular for the American people, the American spirit and the American wild horse.

1. Stop the roundups
2. Stop BLM cruelty
3. Stop BLM mismanagement
4. Stop the destruction of our wild horses and burros

Telephone the White House today and ask President Obama to give hope back to our wild horses. Hope that our Mustangs will have the freedom granted to them by the law of the land returned them. For our captured Mustangs, freedom to roam instead of languishing in captivity; for our Mustangs remaining in the wild, freedom to live protected and unmolested.

No one else in the government is going to do this for them. We have no one else to call, so we are calling on him.

Will you call Obama, right now, and ask on behalf of America’s wild horses and burros? (202) 456 1111.

Please call your Representative and Senators in Washington. If they do not respond, remember to vote them out. If they do not listen to you on this matter, they are not going to listen to you on anything.

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Thank you.

1 thought on “Calico aftermath: Humane observations”

  1. For EACH and EVERY death, disorder, disease & injury that has befallen the Captives, the BLM has an answer, laying it at the hooves of the Captives as pre-existing, bound to happen or ‘falling within acceptable perameters’. They have taken a very Central Intelligence Agency approach to their irresponsibility – deny, deny, deny. As if the Public, and by extension, the Advocates have neither the knowledge nor the capabilty to spot a shell game when we see one.
    And the chasm between the Bureau & the Advocates grows deeper and wider with every idiot excuse that comes from the whitewashy mouth of the Speaker du jour.
    Stand up and take some responsibility. Say, yeah, we screwed up. It’s not the Horses fault. Nearly everything we’ve done was ill-advised or lacked the necessary preparation; we will use this to try and do better next time.
    Try and buy yourselves a little grace. Advocates would understand; we might be hardpressed to forgive, but we would at least give the Bureau a little credence if they would simply stand up, JUST ONCE, for the Captives in their charge.


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