Become a humane observer for our wild horses

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Tax Paying American Citizens have had Enough of BLM “BS”

Written by R. T. FITCH

Over the past several months many readers have asked, “How can I help, how can I make a difference in the effort to save our Wild Horses?”

Well now is your chance. Herd Watch is a citizen coalition forming to monitor wild horse herds in an organized effort to create a database that will include range information pre-roundup, monitor the roundup and collect post roundup data of the ranges and remaining herds.

American Wild Horse herds under the control of Bureau of Land Management (BLM), U.S. Forest Service (USFS), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), National Park Service (NPS) and state Departments of Agriculture will be included. Wild Horses currently held in long term warehousing will be monitored by the coalition as well.

Citizen Volunteers are needed not only “on the ground” but also within the organization to ensure appropriate organizational capability. Teams are currently being formed to cover communications, record keeping, as well as the on the ground effort. It’s simply a matter of finding a slot that fits your time, means and expertise. Learn more >>

1 thought on “Become a humane observer for our wild horses”

  1. I will help in any way that i can . Please email me……. I have talked to the BLM on several occasions ,They are so filled with lies and deceit that they even believe it themselves, They no longer preserve and protect our Wild Mustangs, and they do not have the Wild Mustangs best interest at heart , therefore , they do not deserve the Honor of being the appointed agency to protect Our Wild Mustangs…………………..


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