Man who transported 14 injured and dying horses faces jail time

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Oblivious to the suffering and death of his equine cargo, the Defendant in this case claims he should be let off the hook because he swerved to avoid a collision with another vehicle (while on the way to a Canadian slaughterhouse), and saved human life. This is no way mitigates the gruesome crimes he committed against these poor horses. Horse slaughter must stop.

By MIKE MCINTYRE | April 15, 2010

WINNIPEG — A small hoof sticking out the side of a trailer was the first sign of trouble. A closer look by Manitoba border guards revealed a more gruesome sight — 14 badly injured, dying and already dead horses collapsed inside a cramped, blood-soaked space.

The man who drove the animals to their violent end was hoping to walk away with a fine after pleading guilty earlier this year to charges under the federal Health of Animals Act.

But Judge Carena Roller told Manitoba trucker Geoffrey Giesbrecht, 27, she’s having doubts about the Crown’s request for a financial penalty.

“I am seriously considering a jail sentence for you,” Roller said.

She cited the facts of the November 2007 case, including photographs she called “horrific” which depict the conditions inside Giesbrecht’s truck.

Officials with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency found a total of 22 horses were being transported from the United States to Canada for slaughter in an improper vehicle that was stopped at the border crossing. They were also suffering severe dehydration and many had collapsed from exhaustion and pain, only to be trampled by others.

There were 14 which were already dead or had to be put down. The other eight were sent to various farms in the United States to be nursed back to health. Read full story >>

6 thoughts on “Man who transported 14 injured and dying horses faces jail time”

  1. After reading this story I am truely sickened that lives of these Beautiful , Magestic,Animals are regarded by some with such little respect, I cannot except this kind of injustice thats looms over our horses, these animals throughout history have given their very lives for us without question or hesitation, they have served us in many ways, helped us in many ways,how dare some of us disrespect them … It rips my heart to pieces that they are treated like this….


  2. Slaughter is a cruel predatory , the people who want slaughter, participate in horse slaughter and all aspects of it are disgraceful cruel predatory thugs. I sorry they are on the earth.


    1. It is clear that people who work for the horse slaughter industry agree with it, that horses are nothing but meat on the hoof, and therefore a commodity. Horse slaughter would not exist if people did not eat their meat. Whoever eats it is just as responsible, if not more so. The horse slaughter industry is simply meeting demand. Sad that exposing the poisons in horse flesh is the main reason people are reconsidering eating it. Just like the PMU issue, women stopped taking Premarin when its dangerous and possible life threatening side effects were exposed.


      1. But have women stopped completely?Which IS the only way to stop.

        Seems we are losing a battle of ethics with slaughter. We had better go for what works with these people: namely, the contaminated meat.


        1. You are right, Andrea. This is why the Fund for Horses have been lobbying the EU on the adulterated horse meat issue for the past year, and began our “Horse are Not for Eating” campaign in Europe last fall. Then there is the ongoing PMU issue which people seem to have forgotten about. Because too many women are still taking Premarin — and its new drug Aprela coming out end of this year or early 2011 — with mares and foals being used and killed to make it, we have ramped up our PMU campaign.


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