Art Giles tells how wild horse Flux saved his life, twice

Written by Art Giles

Thin Gray Line


Art Giles is 77-year young man who loves wild horses. He is the author of a popular post here at Tuesday’s Horse called, “What Wild Horses Mean to a Wyoming Man.” In it, Giles tells us about Flux, a wild horse he had captured and tamed, who saved his life. He now tells us how that happened, twice. –Editor

Thin Gray Line

From Art to Vivian

You may have to make this readable about how Flux saved my life for sure a couple of times.

Flux and I had been up to Loomis Creek where I liked to go camping and fishing and also elk hunting in the hunting season. Flux was five years old.

So Flux knows the trail pretty good. There was a few hair raising places on this trail. There was 500 to 700 foot drops or cliff edges. In these places the trail was no more than 12 to 16 feet wide. In the summer it was good but you had to watch out for falling rocks and big rocks on the trail, and also trees that had uprooted higher up on the mountain.

The first time [Flux saved my life] we where heading up the trail as we came around a bend there was a big cow moose in the trail with twin calves. I had not seen the cow, but Flux did and he made a 180 degree turn on the 12 foot trail. As anyone knows a mother and her babies are no one to play with. When I looked back the cow was charging us. Flux was at a full run down a very narrow trail and got us down there safe in no time. Only a Wild Horse could do that but still there was nobody like Flux. Also if I was foot hiking that trail I would not be here today.

It was two years later on that same trail that Flux saved my life once more.

We were up on Loomis Creek hunting for elk I had just got a nice four point and had hung it up. I stopped and made some supper. It had started to snow a little so I was setting in the cabin cleaning my rifle and having
a cup of coffee when I looked out the cabin window it was snowing and blowing and I knew from other years of hunting up here that it could be a bad one. So I went out and saddled up Flux and and got Missy’s lead rope on her. Missy was my pack horse and a Wild One too.

It is about a three hour ride in good weather from the cabin to the trail head.The snowing had picked up and the wind was getting up to so hard that I just see a few feet in front of Flux’s head. So I tied the rains to the saddle horn and and just let him pick his way. I took the lead rope off of Missy so she would be free if me and Flux did go off one of the ledges.

All I could do was sit and ride the way Flux took me and trust him. He knew the way and Flux got me home to Sucker Creek. All I had on was a Macanaw coat and a cowboy hat and pair of leather working gloves. If Flux had gone wrong or took too long I would not have made it and been frozen someplace. I told Flux if it was not for him I would have been a dead man. We had got separated from Missy. I did not see Missy for three days, but she got back safe and was okay too.


You see my friend I have seen it all in my 77 years in the western U.S. The killing of the wild horses in a lot of ways. Man does not love what he has. Spirit running free. He destroys what he cannot have or gets in his way.

Flux, Missy, and my Dog Spike — a full blooded dingo — are at rest on Sucker Creek.

Right now I live in Minnesota, the northern part. I thought last year would be my last time to visit them but I’m going back this year in August. I’m a Korean Vet. After the war I spent a few years in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. I loved my two Wild Horses and Dingo.

— Art Giles

3 thoughts on “Art Giles tells how wild horse Flux saved his life, twice”

  1. To me, there is nothing more moving than the pure love that animals unconditionally donate to our inner souls. Thank you Art for a most poignant and heartwarming excerpt of your life. You are an inspiration we should all follow


  2. What a wonderful story, there are many Wild Mustang stories all awesome, each very different, he made a point in his story , it was what man cannot have he destroys. The wild mustang is a mysterious and wonderful animal, once he makes an friend with you , you will always be remembered…. These wonderful horses are always saving us, where is our respect for them….. Saving The Wild Mustangs is going to be a hard task , but the people here who are trying to save them are a relentless group , and I fear not , cause i know we all are going to SAVE The Wild Mustang. We are all strong in our belief there is not another animal on the face of the earth more worth saving Than The Wild Mustang……….. America will not forget what they have done for us, we will stand up for them at all costs…… I salute the Magnificent Wild Mustang…..


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