Remembering old war horses

Cross-posted from ABC Gippsland


Bernie Dingle is a history buff, has a natural affinity with horses and a personal link to the First World War, hardly a surprise then that he has established a Lighthorse Museum to remember the men, women and horses that served Australia in wartime.

“It’s something that sort of grew over the years. My grandfather served in the First World War with one of the mounted divisions, but I don’t really know how it ended up a museum,” Bernie says.

A photo at the Lighthorse Museum shows horses fitted with gas masks during the First World War. (ABC Local-Catherine McAloon)

The museum is now a big part of Bernie’s life, and it’s become a way that he can share his appreciation for the animals that went to war and remind others of their contribution.

“They’ve been man servant for thousands of years and in some countries they still are and they’ve been a very important aspect of man’s need for something to be used in war to very little remembrance in lots of ways,” Bernie says.

He says about 70, 000 Australian horses were killed in the First World War alone.

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