Horse Slaughter: Calling all Canadians, contact your MPs

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

Please use this helpful link on the Humane Society International website:

Go to the bottom, under “Take Action” to “Contact Your MP”. Simply fill in the fields and your email will be forwarded automatically to your MP. HSI has been successful in working to end the seal hunt, by similar campaigns. We can do the same to help end horse slaughter in Canada.

Once you’ve completed and sent your form, they make it easy to forward the message on to your contacts. Please take the time to spread this across our country, and ask your friends and family to contact their MP’s now while Bouvry and Richelieu are being investigated.

Thank you.



Tell your MP that you are strongly opposed to horse slaughter. Ask your MP to use his power to bring an end to horse slaughter in Canada. Remember to request your MP to respond.

Talking Points for Making Your Own UNIQUE Message:

The gruesome cruelty and carnage recently exposed by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition at Bouvry’s and Richlieu horse slaughter plants occurs in every horse slaughter plant around the world.

Slaughter is the violent death of an animal.

Horse slaughter cannot be regulated to be made humane.

Horse slaughter goes no way toward ending abuse or relieving the suffering of horses, but quite the opposite. It promotes the grossest of cruelties towards horses.

Horse slaughter is a business driven by profit with no consideration for the horses brutishly killed for their meat.

Horse meat contains dangerous drug residues rendering it adulterated and not fit for human consumption.

We hope that these suggestions help you form your own message.

If you are a horse owner, please mention this, and that you would never sent your horse to slaughter.

If you work in the horse industry, please mention this and that you consider horse slaughter is a practice that must stop.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Horse Slaughter: Calling all Canadians, contact your MPs”

  1. count me on any surveys, info, petitions, or support for wild horses anywhere in the world. horses and dogs r my life, and ill not stand anyone hurting them, if i can help it. pls, feel free to keep in touch with me thru my e-mail, or thru facebook. i am quite active with animals on there. take care and have a good animal day/nite.


  2. My ancestors all came from Canada, so to my Canadian cousins – please get on board with this action. If we work together, I know we can stop the horror of horse slaughter.


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