Cheyenne may have a horse slaughter plant

Horse Slaughter Sue of Wyoming is going full speed ahead to bring horse slaughter back to U.S. soil. The targeted city is Cheyenne.

Michael Van Cassell reporting for the Wyoming Tribune Eagle tells us:

A Wyoming state representative from Recluse is interested in opening a horse slaughtering facility in Laramie County, according to the director of the Wyoming Livestock Board.

Earlier this year, Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse, was one of several legislators to sponsor a bill that allows the “disposal of” stray animals, as opposed to their sale.

She is interested in doing something with the horses that have no value anymore,” said Jim Schwartz, director of the Wyoming Livestock Board.

Sue Wallis did not return phone calls for the article.

There is no outlet for the sale of the horse meat except within the State of Wyoming itself. The USDA suspended federal funding for the necessary inspections allowing horse meat to be exported to the countries who eat it.

Most likely the horse meat will go to feed prisoners, the mentally ill, the elderly and other people living in state maintained facilities. “A Wyoming bill allowing state livestock to process abandoned horses and sell their meat to prisons and other state institutions was signed into law last month.” See >>

It has been widely publicized that horse meat contains drugs residues that are potentially carcinogenic to humans. The EU has mandated a six-month quarantine on American slaughter horses for this very reason. But it’s just prisoners, the mentally ill, and the elderly, right? So Horse Slaughter Sue considers human just as dispensable as horses. No surprise there.

Judging by the comments section, please are getting the idea that the proposed horse plant is a rendering facility with the horse meat going into products such as pet food. No, sorry, folks. This is a horse slaughter plant. Horses would be brutally murdered there for their meat. A rendering facility is a place where the parts of an already dead animal are processed into a variety of products, including pet food. The last we looked, there were no rendering plants specializing in horse carcasses.

As of this writing, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture has not received blueprints or permit application for a horse slaughter facility.

So will Wyoming become the Horse Capital of the United States? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, contact the Governor of Wyoming and the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and tell them you are opposed to horse slaughter. You can send them this document (it is a 24 page fully referenced document) or you can use the Table of Contents as talking points.

Just because Wyoming can open a horse slaughter plant does not mean the State is obligated to.

Governor Dave Freudenthal
State Capitol
200 West 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0010
Email: Webform

Jason Fearneyhough, Director
Wyoming Department of Agriculture
2219 Carey Avenue
Cheyenne WY 82002

Read Cassell’s article here >>

1 thought on “Cheyenne may have a horse slaughter plant”

  1. Please redirect all efforts into a ReHoming Ranch, with media lab to create educational to be distributed. Think of the jobs, think of the real unified effort to protect our friends and pray that each horse dies with a full belly and the memory of good hands. Thank you ‘Prairie’


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