Tenn horse slaughter bill sent to summer study instead of withdrawn

UPDATE: Tennessee horse slaughter bill HB 1428 (Niceley)/ SB 1898 (Faulk): The House bill was deferred until Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

Upon hearing, HB 1428, was unanimously sent to a summer study committee by the House Finance Committee on Tuesday. The companion bill has been withdrawn from consideration in the Senate.

Revised May 4, 2:11 pm.

Tennessee State Representative Frank Niceley, the sponsor of a bill promoting horse slaughter for human consumption, announces he will withdraw the bill for the current legislative session. Many Tennesseans voiced their opposition to returning horse slaughter to American soil, particularly in their home state. Notable among them were Willie Nelson’s daughter Amy Nelson, and granddaughter Raelyn Nelson, both residents of Tennessee.

Issues that influenced Rep. Niceley’s decision were the negative environmental impacts and complicated legal matters attached to horse slaughter.

Rep. Niceley joins Illinois State Representative Jim Scacia who withdrew his bill to overturn a ban on horse slaughter for human consumption earlier this year.

Federal legislation banning horse slaughter for human consumption is currently pending before Congress. H.R. 503 has 180 co-sponsors, but has been sitting in Committee since March of last year without a hearing. It’s companion bill, S. 727, has 28 co-sponsors and has also been in Committee since that time.

Thank you to those of you who worked with the Int’l Fund for Horses to get “When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town” into the hands of leading Tennessee state legislators, the Governor, the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, and influential business and community leaders throughout the state.

3 thoughts on “Tenn horse slaughter bill sent to summer study instead of withdrawn”

  1. Please look at my online magazine which has an article about the slaughter plants in Canada. Thanks for your work to STOP the USA horses from being able to come to Canada to die…I am working to help stop the plants in Canada. Bouvry is the owner & he has feedlots in Montana & Texas for horses that need to be shut down too.
    Here is the link http://www.barbfenwick.com/HNsubscribers.htm
    Barb Fenwick


  2. This is tremendous Great news, I think every state should be required to read Mr. Fitchs accounts of a visit to a Slaughter House, after reading that I will never forget what I read, my mind will never except that as how it is, and for me i will search for the end to slaughter , for how ever long it takes………… What is also very disturbing to me is , these people walk freely among us……………………….. Do they touch there loved ones with the hands that do this kind of thing, do they kiss their children, How can they even look in a mirror at themselves, also do they sleep at nite??????? What kind of a mind can do this????????? and believe its right????????????


    1. I know people who abuse animals for a job. They walk among us looking like you and me. Good looking people, with homes and cars, kids and dogs. They do the work because they feel they must. Everyone has to keep their job right now, right? But really it’s the corporation they work for that they lay the blame on at night.


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