RCMP say no charges in CHDC horse slaughter investigation

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The Calgary Sun reports:

    Police say no criminal charges will be laid after allegations of animal cruelty were made against a Fort MacLeod horse slaughterhouse.

    The investigation was launched after RCMP were given video from the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition depicting what they believe to be footage taken at Bouvry Exports Calgary Ltd.

    In the video, said to document 10 hours at Bouvry and a Quebec horse processing plant, the group said there was unacceptable treatment of 13 horses killed at the facility in this province.

    RCMP Sgt. Patrick Webb said the investigation is now concluded and there was nothing criminal found.

    “We have decided there will be no charges from RCMP,” he said Tuesday.

CalgarySun.com >>

In a conversation between Int’l Fund for Horses and a former officer, he predicted an outcome like this because of the way the evidence was gathered, not the nature of the events captured, which are clear violations.

Then there is the matter of “intent,” which always makes it difficult to convict in slaughter cruelty cases.

    RCMP officials say they found no evidence of intent to cause cruelty to any of the horses at the slaughterhouse so no charges will be laid.

CTV Calgary >>

This means chances are extremely high the slaughter of horses is going on right now at Bouvry’s and Richlieu in the manner show in the CHDC videos.

This clearly demonstrates that no amount of regulation can make these “chambers of carnage” anything but brutal, terrifying and inhumane. Horse slaughter for human consumption must stop in Canada, Mexico and any other place in the world where it occurs.

Horses are not for eating.

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35 thoughts on “RCMP say no charges in CHDC horse slaughter investigation”

  1. Hi, Barb3000. A lot of the equine slaughterhouses in Canada are in small communities. They get courted by the slaughterhouse owners to set up shop after being promised that they are the town’s salvation. They never tell the towns the real story about what slaughter does to a small town.
    Having said that, being that these are small towns, everybody knows everybody. It’s the same in the small town I live in.
    So, you can figure that the ASPCA, CFIA inspectors and RCMP officers know all of the locals and, therefore, tend to perhaps not be as vigilant as they would be in a bigger city where everybody’s a stranger.
    I also think that in some way, these agencies just don’t want to do what they’re supposed to do just because IT’S TOO MUCH TROUBLE FOR THEM. If they don’t do anything they think that we’ll go away. We won’t.
    Every time I have to look at the images of those horses dying it only continues to firm my resolve to stop this.


  2. We also don’t know just how many people working in these agencies are paid off by the horse slaughter industry. It would be a simple matter to give the so-called inspectors and others a nice big bonus in their paychecks to turn a blind eye. Who would know?


    1. Yes, Barb, this is highly likely, one could even be so bold as to say a sure thing. Just like legislators in more than 10 states in the U.S. suddenly waking up one day and deciding to fast track bills to allow horse slaughter. It is mad, greedy, arrogant, and chilling. You see how easy it is to get laws passed when lawmakers have a big stash of cash or other incentives to motivate them dangled in front of them. Good bills, helping people and animals, get stalled into oblivion. And their excuse is that there are so many other “pressing matters” before Congress. Bull!


  3. Intent ???? no questions here, they came to the slaughter house to work didnt they????? enough intent for me!


  4. Anyone who allows and is a party to Horse slaughter is a coward,of the worst kind, and a discusting represenative to the human race, they do this for one reason and that is because they can !!!! They are the lowest form of life, again i say and they walk among us????? Cruelty is Cruelty and there is no question, What is wrong with these people who allow them to get away with this?????????


    1. Agreed, Arlene. They do this because there is a demand for horsemeat, and there is a lot of money in supplying it. They don’t care how they do it; they just do it.


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