Emaciated Mustang foal put down at Broken Arrow

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Excerpted from article written by LAURA LEIGH

Emaciated Mustang foal put down at Broken Arrow. Photograph by Laura Leigh.
This emaciated wild foal was put down after humane observers at Broken Arrow discovered her and reported the situation to the BLM. Would she have starved to death without their help? Photograph by Laura Leigh

Visitors went to the Broken Arrow facility as they do every Sunday. Observers have been traveling to the remote privately contracted facility to document the conditions our wild horses are held in after being rounded-up by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) this past winter.

Dean Bolstad of the BLM led the tour. Bolstad informed the visitors that there had been over 300 births at the facility and the daily number of births had slowed.

As the tour was ending observers came across a severely emaciated foal. The mare was present and protective but appeared to have no bag. They notified Bolstad who said he would contact the vet immediately after the tour.

The foal was euthanized Sunday after observers vacated the facility.

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38 thoughts on “Emaciated Mustang foal put down at Broken Arrow”

  1. My last nerve has been plucked to see this sweet innocent foal, wasted away. This is a form of abuse, neglect and barbarism to the innocent mustangs. THE BLM MUST BE STOPPED! WE need to make some serious noise. My heart breaks for this baby. RIP Precious.

  2. I Hope those corrupt horse killing BLM all get what they deserve for torturing and murdering our horses !

  3. I believe the BLM is getting on to Americas last nerve, I know for myself I have totally had enough of their nonsense, I believe they need to be stopped, our outcries go ignored , what must we do to stop them and get them investigated???? the emaciated little foal was my last straw……………………..I pray that the Judge at the end of May Speaks for all Americans, and stops this ROGUE agency , our President turns a deaf ear, i am so disappointed in him…………………………….

    1. The Dept of Interior has always been a callous bunch, with the exception of a few. The BLM is clearly a criminal element totally out of control, with no sign of being roped in. They should be prosecuted for abuse and neglect. Why is it you can prosecute a man for starving Thoroughbreds and put him jail, but not these scoundrels? Because they are doing at the behest of the government? That is even worse. Their day of reckoning is coming. I cannot comment on President Obama, except to say I am thoroughly disgusted.

  4. Arlene, for sure “It didn’t happen overnight.” There have been posts and comments that the BLMers at Broken Arrow are monitoring these horses closely. How did this baby and its mom slip through the cracks? If they are doing the job they purport to do SOMEONE should have noticed this young one was failing to thrive.

    The BLM evidently has sent at least three foals from Broken Arrow to rescues. This baby AND its mom should have come out of there at the first sign of distress. There are techniques to rehab foals even if their moms have insufficient milk, but they have to be immediate, intensive and hands-on.

  5. What’s happening with the lawsuit? Where is this BLM situation at? Are they going to turn them back out? Or round up more?

    1. The Judge is expected to rule in the Calico lawsuit by the end of May. We will see what he decides should be done with the wild horses gathered and being held long-term, something he said would be illegal if the BLM went ahead as planned.

  6. I would like to send that photo of the emaciated foal to Robert Abbey at the BLM and ask for an explanation???

  7. I would like to know what kind of an answer is we were a little lax???????????????? and why would anyone except that as a reply to something so important????

  8. Compassion is a virtue some of us do not do not have and really dont belong any where its needed, I am also sick of the priorities here……… You are a 100% right the BLM goes on with it atracities, that are criminal!!!! With no repercussions……….. When I read about the emaciated foal I cried, how can anyone stand by have that happen , it didnt happen overnite??????? I am so totally fed – up with the BLM……..

    1. I couldn’t agree more but it is the public’s perception of a nation on a global aspect. The spotlight today is on “green” practices and the global carbon footprint that takes the spotlight….much to the dismay of those who have been fighting for animal causes for decades.

      The US in accordance with other developing nations has a requisite onus of proving to the world what a great nation it is and what lengths they will go to protect the environment…..Sadly in this case, it is media frenzy (as always) as well as a valid disaster of modern technology. We should not dismiss its importance since it has dire consequences for some species of the animal kingdom, who we all have respect for.

      Unfortunately, for the horse slaughter industry and other industries that advocate against the exploitation of animals (e.g. the disgusting fur trade), when extreme catastrophes occur it is eminently more important to our governments to save the face of a nation in response to the focus of others opinions and criticisms.

      1. I should add….don’t get me wrong…this is disgusting and the picture of the foal is heart-breaking!

      2. Jane, I know this isn’t the point, but I have to ask – who the hell wears fur any more??!
        Is it a European thing, like Horse meat? I can’t remember the last time I saw a glamourpuss, other than maybe a Rap star, wearing even fur trim on something.
        I know in some cultures, fur denotes wealth, but I always thought it was just tacky, like leisure suits.
        I can’t believe it’s even still considered an ‘industry’.

        1. I agree it is tacky and you wouldn’t catch me wearing anything of the sort but the fur trade thrives. Most of it comes from China where animals are literally skinned alive (http://www.peta.org/feat/chinesefurfarms/index.asp warning – very graphic!!!).

          According to a BBC report, fur from dogs and cats is generally used to make fur coats, line parkas, hats, gloves, shoes, handbags, blankets, stuffed animals and toys. As the slaughter of dogs and cats is viewed as reprehensible in the West, the fur industry attempts to conceal the truth by intentionally mislabeling exports.

          Then there is the Canadian seal hunt – another disgusting ritual that this government refuses to put a stop to.

          That said …be careful what you buy!!!

  9. More cr#p at the BLM, It just breaks my heart to read this stuff, is no one responsible there, they show they are all incapable of taking care of anything……………… I am totally discusted !!!!!!!

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