Paragallo sentenced to two years in jail

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Written by JOE DRAPE | May 18, 2010

Ernie Paragallo, a prominent horse owner and breeder, was given the maximum sentence of two years in jail and a $33,000 fine on Tuesday, after his conviction on 33 counts of animal cruelty for starving and neglecting horses on his farm in the Hudson Valley.

After a sentencing hearing in Greene County, N.Y., Judge George J. Pulver Jr. delivered the sentence, which will also include restitution to animal rescue groups. Pulver said the amount of the restitution would be determined at a later hearing.

“Your moral compass is out of kilter and points you in improper directions,” Pulver told Paragallo at his sentencing. “Your sense of integrity, your code of conduct, your perception of right and wrong was perhaps formed by your days on either mean streets or Wall Street.”

Paragallo was convicted after a nonjury trial in March after Pulver heard testimony from veterinarians and horse rescue workers about the condition of many of the 177 horses on Paragallo’s Center Brook Farm in Climax, N.Y., about 20 miles south of Albany. Read full report >>

7 thoughts on “Paragallo sentenced to two years in jail”

  1. Does anyone know if there’s a procedural handbook for lawyers procecuting animal abuse cases? We nearly lost 10 starving horses due to an inept Assistant DA. Got the horses out, but not a penny of restitution because she didn’t know to ask for it! Afterward, she said she thought we would be reimbursed by the state. The case dragged on for nearly a year before the horses were legally released, and we’ve had to cover all their expenses. The guy is up for final sentencing in July, and we’re going to try again for the money. Sure wish we could recover at least some of it.


      1. Thanks so much, Vivian. I’ll follow up on these links. Sure would be good to get at least some of that $20,000 (YIKES!) back to help our horses.


  2. The sentence should have been 2 years for every horse at a million dollars fine per horse. This person deserves to be left in a prison cell for the rest of his life with no contact to the outside world. His daughters who were part of this as licensed agents should also be prosecuted and receive the same sentence and fines. Obviously, they have no human compassion or knowledge of or understanding of right or wrong. This is barbarice and dispicable. He, nor his daughters, should never again be allowed to own or be near an animal. As a matter of fact they should not be allowed any human contact either. Congratulations to the judge, but it wasn’t enough, same goes for the Michael Vic issue.


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