Wild horses: Calico roundup case dismissed

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Calico colt in the freezing cold.
Wild horses rounded up from the Calico Complex in northern Nevada earlier this year in wintry conditions left out in the cold for good as federal Judge Paul Friedman dismisses case to protect them.

A federal judge Monday officially dismissed a lawsuit brought by animal rights activists over a big wild horse roundup in northern Nevada, saying the case was moot and plaintiffs lacked standing.

U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman in Washington, D.C., who in December denied an injunction to prevent the roundup, said the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has already gathered 1,922 horses from the Calico Mountains Complex north of Reno, therefore challenging the use of helicopters was moot.

The group In Defense of Animals, wildlife ecologist Craig Downer and children’s author Terri Farley also claimed in their suit that shipping horses removed from the range to long-term holding corrals in the Midwest is not permitted under the Wild Horse and Burro Act.

But Friedman said the plaintiffs failed to show how sending the horses to other facilities would cause harm to themselves. Read all >>

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  • OPINION, In Defense of Animals et al vs Ken Salazar et al, Civil Action No. 09-2222 (PLF), US District Court for the District of Washington, May 25, 2010

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1 thought on “Wild horses: Calico roundup case dismissed”

  1. Vivian, I’ve been searching the Internet for other articles and comments about the suit’s dismissal, and your link is the most complete by far. The others are so pared down they are essentially useless sound bites.

    The judge’s second option for BLM action – euthanasia – chills me to the bone. It sounds like a threat (or maybe his attempt at advice) to wild horse advocates – “back off” or everything you’re fighting to save may well be lost.


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