Giving a horse a home and finding a sense of purpose

Excerpts cross-posted from The Rail Blog, New York Times

Written by JIM GATH

“There was a time when the first thing I did when I got to work every day was to look at the previous day’s revenue figures. At 6:30 in the morning.

“Now, the first thing I do every day is walk around Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary and make sure that 34 horses are spending a comfortable, quiet night. I toss a little hay to a few of them and my day begins. At 3 in the morning. Three hundred and sixty five days a year.

“I was in the news media business for nearly two decades and was one of the founders of USA Today. It was a tremendously exciting time in my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“I spent a stint at Turner Broadcasting, where I developed the marketing platform for the 1998 Goodwill Games. I’ve produced college football bowl games and major festivals and concerts. I’ve published magazines and newspapers.

“But none of that compares with bringing a horse all the way back from a devastating injury or watching a field full of horses romping around like a bunch of school kids or just standing quietly, sharing secrets only the two of us know.” Read full post here >>

Learn about Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary and the horses who live there here >>

6 thoughts on “Giving a horse a home and finding a sense of purpose”

  1. This is the way it should be for all horses. God Bless You! This touched my very soul and wish you all the very best in your care of these beautful horses. I support all animal causes. Who will speak for them if we humans who care do not? God put us on this earth just as he did all living creatures and it is our responsibility to take care of God’s creatures while they are here with us.


  2. What a truely beautiful morning it is after watching this video, thank you, i know this is how it should be !!!! It is worth everything just to know this is possible…… And it will happen…………….. Seeing is believing …………………………… This is the goal !!!! This is my passion !!!! This is how it will be !!!!! No apologies here either…………… I answer this call also !!!! My faith in this goal is restored !!!!


  3. I think all humans answer a call. I’ve had detractors slam me for the frivolous nature of my advocating for animals; they simply assume that I couldn’t possibly be able to focus on anything important as I’m so busy defending animals.
    And they couldn’t be more wrong. I am not a human-hater. With a few notable exceptions, I respect & admire my fellow humans. But I holler louder for animals, and in particular, Horses, because that’s where my heart takes me.
    I am as God made me, and I make no apologies. I will turn my back on NO ONE in need.


  4. I have a lot of trouble with folks who say people should be helping humans instead of animals. I believe the latest figures are 1/2 of 1% of all charity donations go to help rescued animals (this does not include wildlife organizations). I decided a long time ago my efforts and dollars would go to helping those that have no voice to ask for help. Nuzzles, licks, and purrs are my greatest rewards.


    1. Linda..I am totally with you on this. I donate freely and generously to all animal charities but sadly most think I have something wrong with me and criticize me for doing so…how on earth can you think animals are as important as humans??? And I have had people literally angry with me for it, some of whom are supposedly my “best friends”…hmmm, that really says something eh? I have just taken to hiding it on occasion simply to avoid the conflict. Another thing that irks me is their stance on going vegetarian or vegan . I don’t dictate what they want to eat so why should I be ridiculed for making my choices?

      All of this is overwhelming at times making me want to just scream… maybe I am naive but honestly what is wrong with these selfish people??? …huge…*sigh*……


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