Rally the First Lady on behalf of Mustangs at Red Rock Canyon


Hello to all of you who have rallied for wild horses in the past.

We have a unique opportunity to present our case to MICHELLE OBAMA when she speaks about her children’s exercise program at RED ROCK CANYON, TUESDAY JUNE 1, 2010.

As she enters Red Rock park about 1:45-2pm, we need to show our banners to stop the wild horse removals. It is short notice and a working day, so I am DESPERATE to have a sizeable group of people standing at the Red Rock entrance from the highway.

Can you and your friends show up at 1:30-3PM the RED ROCK MAIN ENTRANCE to smile, wave and hold our wonderful banners for Michelle to see? JUST COME AND I WILL GIVE YOU A BANNER TO HOLD. If you have a child or grandchild please bring them. Do not bring animals please.

Horse advocates had their lawsuit dismissed on a techicality so tragically the 2000+ Calico wild horses of northwest Nevada will go to holding pens in the Midwest. Their family groups have already been broken up and many are pining for lost foals and herd mates. With lowered resistance comes disease and death.

A further 10,000 horses will be rounded up across the West by October 2010 leaving possibly less than 6,000 horses in the wild on 24 million acres. This is the practice encouraged by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar of oil spill infamy.

Come out and ask Michelle to ask the President to save our wild horse legacy and with it, eco-tourism jobs for Nevada.

Anyone with questions, call or email Arlene Gawne CEL: (702) 277-1313
email: artistfromafrica@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “Rally the First Lady on behalf of Mustangs at Red Rock Canyon”

  1. I wish I could be there, but i live so far away…..in canada in a small town…with no way to get there….i will spread the word as much as i can through email etc and will continue to email the obamas and the white house and i encourage everyone to keep pushing and pushing and pushing…..even with major issues like the gulf oil spill…there must be a solution to an equally important environmental issue like the wild horses of the US…it would not be hard to at least put a moratorium on roundups and appoint a decent person or persons to sort out the BLM…as long as it is not Mr.Salazar.


  2. My first thought when I read this was which Red Rock Canyon? Colorado? Arizona? When I got to the end I realized it must be Nevada, because of the “eco-tourism jobs” mentioned. I confirmed this on the Internet, and read that two parking pullouts that will be closed are “Calico I” and “Calico II”. Coincidence? Serendipity? Good fortune?

    “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” T. Edison


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