Former BLM Chief Baca backs NV Wild Horse Preserve plan

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Written by MARTIN GRIFFITH | © Associated Press | June 5, 2010

RENO, Nev.—A former U.S. Bureau of Land Management director has endorsed a proposed wild-horse preserve in Nevada, saying it makes more sense than Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s plan to send mustangs to the Midwest.

Former BLM Chief Jim Baca
Former BLM Chief Jim Baca

Jim Baca, who served under President Bill Clinton in 1993 and 1994, said horses should remain in the West to spare the cost of land purchases and leases associated with government-funded, long-term holding facilities in the Midwest. He noted the West has abundant BLM-managed land.

“It doesn’t make sense to send them to the Midwest when you already own the land you already need,” Baca told The Associated Press on Friday. “The BLM should try something different. What they do now doesn’t work and has never worked.”

Under the proposal by the horse advocacy group Return to Freedom and the Soldier Meadows Ranch, about 1,700 captive horses would be sent to the ranch for short-term holding before their eventual release back to the range.

The animals were gathered during a recent government roundup in the Calico Mountains Complex, which is located near the ranch about 160 miles north of Reno. The mustangs currently are being held in Fallon, where they’re being prepared for adoption or transfer to pastures in the Midwest. Read all >>

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2 thoughts on “Former BLM Chief Baca backs NV Wild Horse Preserve plan”

  1. I think I’ll write Jim Baca and ask him about his position on New Mexico’s wild horses. There are so few left, and Gov. Richardson (who is on board with at least one wild horse preserve) is nearing the end of his allowable term. I don’t know what position his successor will take.


  2. At last, a breath of fresh air.
    Sending stock animals to graze in mid-west pastures makes far more sense than uprooting Wild Equines. Sending Wild Ones away is going to cost Taxpayers -YET AGAIN – for the failed Wild Horse & Burro Program.
    Most former Bureauists would not speak against the Program or the Bureau. So, Thank You, Mr. Baca.


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