Kimberley wild horses under threat or a threat to the environment?

Cross-posted from ABC News (Australia)

Should Kimberley wild horses be sent to the abattoir? To some they are an environmental pest that must be removed, to others they are beautiful animals with economic potential for people in the remote southern Kimberley.

Kimberley Wild Horse. ABC user-submitted photograph by Libby Lovegrove
Kimberley Wild Horse. ABC user-submitted photograph by Libby Lovegrove

Brumbies have a place in Australian folklore, and the Kimberley is no exception.

The wild horses living near Lake Gregory and the Balgo community in the southern Kimberley have exotic origins.
Two of their forebears were highly regarded Arabian stallions while the rest were toughened stock horses.
Now opinion is divided on their value.

To some any worth they may have is eclipsed by the damage they do to the environmentally sensitive and valuable, Lake Gregory.

While others say their blood lines are exceptional and offer economic opportunities to the Balgo Aboriginal community.

Kimberley Morning’s Vanessa Mills discusses both sides of the argument.

See column on right to listen to audio (click on down arrow).

3 thoughts on “Kimberley wild horses under threat or a threat to the environment?”

  1. Horses no matter where they are belong, their beauty , pride , courage, power, stamina, grace, dignity, spiritual presence and shear elegance are an extremely wonderful asset …. Just their presence will make you believe in all that is sacred and worth saving, all one needs to do is be with one of them to realize this, if they are here if for nothing else this is enough for me…….. we all need to stop and just look, Although they do not speak i hear all they have to say………….. Just look in their eyes …………… you will also believe… We cannot let them destroy this…………………..


  2. I lived in Australia for a number of years as I was married to an Australian. I found the horses of Australia to be a mixture of different breeds, beautiful and very smart.
    While there my husband and I did a lot of riding on horses owned by Smokey Dawson as my ex was in show business. Being a rancher’s daughter I have never heard of horses destroying the environment except in the US. Our horses never destroyed grass or anything they talk about today. KEEP YOUR HORSES THEY ARE PART OF AUSTRALIA HISTORY. Set up a sanctuary where people can visit, stay a few days and enjoy the wild horses.


    1. Hello, Shirley. You didn’t hear about wild horses destroying the environment, because, well… they don’t. This is yet another U.S. government fallacy perpetrated on the American public by politicians to reward the people who got them elected and want our American herds decimated. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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