Neighbors win wild horse reprieve

An uplifting BLM story for a change, thank heavens.

Cross-posted from the Nevada Appeal

Written by F. T. NORTON

Greg Hendricks noticed on Thursday a corral to capture a horse was set up at Ambrose Park. He said when he called the BLM to inquire about the corral, he was told someone had complained that a colt in a small band familiar to the area had acted aggressively toward a woman on horseback.

The news caused a slight uproar in the neighborhood, and on Friday morning, Hendricks, accompanied by neighbor Steve Rose and others, arrived at the BLM office on Morgan Mill Road just after 6 a.m. to ask that the colt be given a second chance. The BLM agreed.

The news was a relief to Merlyn Smith, 88, who said he has gone out to that area every day, sometimes twice a day, for several years to watch that band of horses.

“They are like family to me. And there are a lot of those people that live out there that just love that group of horses. They don’t want one of them pulled out of the bunch,” he said. Read all >>

4 thoughts on “Neighbors win wild horse reprieve”

  1. Evidently the wild ones aren’t the only animals being targeted by the government.

    When I read this post from the Animal Blawg, I started to laugh.

    Then I opened the “Republican lawmakers …” link, and realized these people are serious.

    What’s next?


    1. Lisa, I was wondering the same about you! Yes, I do, but I have reached that ‘certain age’ where I sleep a bit here, sleep a bit there.

      I love the idea, don’t you, of rounding up cattle and transporting them in long-term holding facilities in the midwest because they are overgrazing our public lands and disturbing the ecological balance and disrupting the wildlife. Now that’s some turnaround thinking.


      1. It would certainly give truth to the phrase ‘grass-fed beef.’ Poor little dears, but that’s what their tummies are built for. It sure seems more logical – to have their owners foot the bill to send them to the mid-west rather than for Taxpayers to keep paying for Wild Equines over and over and over when, on the range they don’t cost a thing.


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