Adopt a Calico Mustang. Must Act by June 15th.

Adopting a Calico Mustang may be One Thing You Can Do to Help

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Calico Mare and Foal at Fallon. Image copyright Cat Kindsfather.
Calico Mare and Foal at Fallon. Image copyright Cat Kindsfather.

While efforts to secure the return of the Calico mustangs to their rightful ranges have been unsuccessful to-date, it is still possible to protect the safety of individual horses before they are dispersed to faraway states where they will face lifelong confinement or uncertain fates.

To adopt one of the Calico Mountain mustangs seems to be the best that anyone can do for them now.

It is with this in mind that photographer and wild horse advocate Cat Kindsfather has made it her personal crusade to document as many of the horses at the BLM’s Fallon, Nevada feedlot as she can, hoping to make their faces and personalities better known to prospective adopters.

If you’re interested in any of the Calico mustangs pictured here, or on Cat Kindsfather’s Flickr photostream, you have until tomorrow, June 15th, to contact Tim Green at the BLM’s Palomino Valley facility, to request that they be included in the upcoming Internet adoption event, which is slated to start on July 14th. Horses offered through that venue will be available by competitive bid. You can download a BLM adoption application here. READ ALL >>

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