Five horses who changed history

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J Edward “Ted” Chamberlin, a horse breeder and professor of comparative literature at the University of Toronto, has collected stories about horses for most of his life.

Even so, the author of Horse: How the Horse Changed Civilizations was hard-pressed to narrow down the list of horses that changed history to just five.

“Horses have shaped history since long before the invention of writing or the wheel. For humans, horses have been food, transport, instrument, symbol and inspiration.

“Perhaps the most important horse is the one who lives forever in a family’s memory — even if that horse is a television or movie horse,” he says.

Przewalsk's Horse
Ted Chamberlin, author of 'How the Horse Changed Civilizations' names Przewalski's Horse as one of the five horses who changed history. Przewalski's Horse is a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse (Equus ferus) native to the steppes of central Asia, specifically China and Mongolia. In contrast to other wild horses, Przewalski's Horse has never been successfully domesticated and remains a truly wild animal today. Once extinct in the wild, it has been reintroduced to its native habitat in Mongolia, and bred with limited success in a handful of zoos around the world.

Here are Chamberlin’s choices of five horses that changed history:

  1. Przewalski’s Horse
  2. Bucephalus
  3. Whistlejacket
  4. The Arabian
  5. The Workhorse


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