Group slams use of shock devices on CNFR horses

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CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — An animal-rights group has posted a video showing horses being shocked with electric prods at the College National Finals Rodeo. The event’s stock contractor says the prods were used within rodeo rules.

Illinois-based Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) says it filmed the video Thursday during bareback-riding competition.

The video shows a man with a handheld prod shocking the necks of three horses as their rides began. SHARK calls the practice painful and cruel.

Kirsten Vold, general manager of the Harry Vold Rodeo Company, says rodeo rules allow the use of shock devices on animals that stall in the chute to encourage them out. She says prods are used on only a small number of horses.

The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association said Friday the use of prods is acceptable when a horse stalls in a bucking chute.

We congratulate SHARK for exposing the brutal use of shock devices on horses in yet another rodeo. Encourage is hardly the correct term.

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5 thoughts on “Group slams use of shock devices on CNFR horses”

  1. This kind of cruelty needs to be stopped also,The rodeo, is nothing but cruel, and thats precisely why very few people even attend……………..The video clearly shows this man hiding the prod, it is cruel and inhumane to say the least !


  2. Anybody who thinks it’s ok to inflict pain on a defenceless animal has a few screws loose upstairs.
    Rodeo is one of the more idiotic “sports” out there. It’s totally useless.


  3. It is quite obvious per the video that all of these horses were shocked and the guy doing the dirty deed was trying to hide it by putting in up under is crossed arms or up under his shirt sleeve. Plain as day, there is no denying it. They need to stop this NOW. They also use spurs and not sparingly. Why I and many others no longer go to Rodeos and why so many people are turning to Monte Roberts to train their horses without cruelty.


  4. Yep, these devices are so small now, these abusers think they’re easy to hide. This YOUNG MAN’s behavior gave him away, but nobody around him turned a hair. The caption in the upper right says shocking is allowed on horses stalled in the chute. He went down the line without waiting to see if any horse would leave on its own. Obviously SOP.

    Our county hosted the National HIGH SCHOOL Rodeo Finals for a couple of years. Same treatment for their bucking stock. Videos and eyewitness accounts, big scandal, writeups in the papers. The NHSR Association denied it at first, but finally had to bow to the evidence. Blamed it on the contractor. No more NHSFR for us!


  5. Rodeos are disgusting to begin with… there really any need to further provoke these horses who are mercilessly tormented in any case. The foundation of the bucking events is the buck/flank strap. Once the chute gate is open the buck strap is tightened around the horse’s flank area. This is akin to grabbing a very sensitive nerve area of a human being. People who further antagonize these wonderful creatures should be hung by their b*lls to see how they like the sensation. This is pure and simple cruelty.


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