Horse Slaughter Canada. Support Bill C-554.

Bill C-544

On June 16, 2010, a Private Member’s Bill to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption was tabled [introduced] in Canadian Parliament by MP Alex Atamanenko (NDP Agriculture Critic). The basis of the bill is the fact that horses are not food-producing animals and many are treated with drugs that are prohibited from entering the human food chain.

All Private Member’s bills must be debated and pass three readings. In order to move forward, a vote must take place and a bill must have the support of the majority of Members of Parliament.


While Parliament is in recess for the Summer, this is the time for horse advocates to reach out to their MP to brief them on this issue and to encourage them to support this Bill when the Fall session resumes.

Ask your MP to support Bill C-544

To reach your MP, please visit this page to find your Member of Parliament.

Remind your elected official that horse meat may contain drugs that are unsafe for human consumption. Horses are generally considered to be sport and companion animals. They are not meant to be served at dinner tables!

Source: Canadian Horse Defence Coalition


We can all help support this groundbreaking bill — the first ever in Canada to ban horse slaughter for human consumption — by putting together a great list of talking points in support of this bill. One has already been mentioned above: drug residues in horse meat. What are some others?

Please either enter yours in comments here, or go to the Int’l Fund for Horses Facebook page and join the team there.

Thanks everyone. -Editor

2 thoughts on “Horse Slaughter Canada. Support Bill C-554.”

  1. Have those that use a prod on a horse, to use good horse sense , if you need a prod you have no trust from that horse i wonder why???????


  2. Who in there right mind would think its ok use a cattle prob on their horse. I like my horses. They also like me. Could that be the reason, I have never asked my horse to do anything so out of line that I woud need a cattle prod.


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