Mixed messages plague America’s Mustangs

Nevada Quarter features Wild Horses
If these roundups continue, the only wild horses in Nevada will be the ones on the back of this Quarter.

This is an interesting piece in the Reno Gazette-Journal discussing the government’s schizophrenic treatment of America’s wild horses.

The writer John L. “Nevada” Smith contrasts the strong prosecution of the mindless thugs who shot and killed five mustangs “to watch them fall” and the way the BLM treats these horses which is equally brutal and deadly, just on a much larger scale.

I strongly object to one particular point made by Mr. Smith:

” . . . there’s no shortage of pained expressions coming from animal rights groups and mustang activists in the environmental movement. Their problem is simple: No one has come up with a suitable solution for the fate of all those thousands of horses.

He is dead wrong there.

There have been a number of terrific and workable solutions on how to manage our wild horses and burros on public lands, and off. These plans just happen not include their total decimation. Therefore these plans do not — and never will — suit the ranchers who do not belong there in the first place. That means the BLM will not agree to them, no matter high, mighty or rich you are. The ranchers will accept only one solution, a final solution, and that is for our wild horses and burros to be gone, gone, gone.

That is simply too bad. These horses are protected by law. But the BLM have no intention of upholding the law. They are going to continue their unchecked destruction until our free roaming wild horses and burros are nothing but an image on the back of a coin, like Nevada’s quarter.

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3 thoughts on “Mixed messages plague America’s Mustangs”

  1. The link to the rest of the story is not working. I love the article so far and would like to read the rest ! thanks


  2. And these people have the unmitigated gall to call themselves American. Seems they have no idea of what courage, pride, dignity, wisdom, strength, grace, trust, and heritage are. Nor can they respect and pay honor to the one and only partner that has helped them throughout history. How narrow minded some are.


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