Death toll at Tuscarora wild horse helicopter roundup spikes to 12

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The BLM’s Tuscarora Gather may be temporarily suspended, but the number of deaths from Saturday morning’s roundup in northern Elko County, Nevada, has spiked to 12 since yesterday’s initial report. More than 5% of the 228 horses stampeded over miles of unforgiving terrain and relentless heat have perished as a direct result of the helicopter chase, and their faces are now coming into view.

A quarter of the horses who died or were “euthanized” were foals five months or younger, including three colts between the ages of two and five months old. Four of the dead were relatively young mares, including a five-year-old mare who “was euthanized shortly after being gathered due to a fractured leg that occurred in the temporary holding corrals.”

Lest anyone envision that this mare was gently put to sleep by a veterinarian who administered a lethal dose of barbituates, the reality is more stark. As reported by the AP’s Sandra Chereb, this unfortunate and terrified mare was “shot and killed.” What we don’t know is whether any of the mares who didn’t make it left suckling foals behind. Read full report >>

2 thoughts on “Death toll at Tuscarora wild horse helicopter roundup spikes to 12”

  1. What Life Savers Horse Rescue did for these wild mustangs takes my breathe away, this goes to prove all Americans are passionate for these wonderful magical Mustangs……. I know this is what is in all our hearts to do but they found the funds to do so………. The BLM was shown with out a doubt that we will fight to save Our Mustangs at all costs…….This is the single best thing that happened for these Magnificent Wild mustangs whos destiny was Slaughter, What angels these people are, words to express how wonderful this was escape me…………………….. I have been to their website and they are asking for any donations to help care for these Mustangs properly, Please if anyone can make a donation to help them , please do so….. Life savers horse rescue……… I am sure any kind of donation would be graciously excepted ……………………


  2. This is a crime, somebody needs to be arrested on this one !!!! they were warned of this, they completely went against their own revised policy, now darn it somebody arrest these Fools………………………………..


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