Updated: Restraining Order sought for Nevada wild horse roundup

UPDATE: Hearing on the Tuscarora Temporary Restraining Order, Thursday, July 15, 2 pm Nevada time. Learn more >>

The Associated Press reports:

CARSON CITY, Nev. — (Jul. 13, 2010) A new lawsuit and request for a temporary restraining order have been filed to stop a wild horse roundup in northeast Nevada, where seven horses died of dehydration after being herded by a helicopter.

The case was filed Friday in federal court in Reno. A temporary restraining order request followed Monday afternoon.

That’s the same day the Bureau of Land Management said it suspended the gather in the Owyhee complex in northern Elko County because seven horses died of dehydration over the weekend. Another horse suffered a broken leg and was shot.

The lawsuit was filed by Reno attorney Gordon Cowan on behalf of Laura Leigh, a writer, artist and member of The Cloud Foundation, a Colorado-based wild horse preservation group.

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7 thoughts on “Updated: Restraining Order sought for Nevada wild horse roundup”

  1. Last nite HLN at 7:20 eastern time broadcast a show on the Wild Mustang, I watched it was the Best 10 mins on TV last nite… Kudos to HLN and all affiliated ………………….. What a great presentation it was , very informative …. Had a Good Panel for questions and answers………………………….. I pray many Americans saw it ……………………


  2. Laura Leigh How can we ever thank you for all that you have done for these Precious Icons, Thank You Laura !!!!!!!! Elizabeth a huge Thank You to You also…Just keep hammering the BLM in anyway you can , Calls are most effective , but whatever you can do to get the Betrayal Known to all is great … There are many Americans that do not even know whats going on I Know cause everyday I tell people and some are unaware !!!


  3. Let’s keep the lawsuits coming. If I had the money, I would file one myself, but I live on a fixed income and the best I can do is send e-mails, make calls and write letters, which I do every day. I also forward all the posts on to my contacts and ask them to do the same. I just do not understand the judges who cannot see the abuse and cruelty and unnecessary criminal treatment they subject these beautiful horses too.
    Maybe should compile lists of judges and legislators who are not animal friendly on the State, Federal courts and make sure they don’t get elected again? Of course some of these judges are appointments and that is another issue that needs to be addressed.


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