Mare with piece of skull missing saved from slaughter at Camelot auction

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Rescuer shares story of horse still not out of the dark

Written by JENNIFER KOHLHEPP Staff Writer

ALLENTOWN, NJ — (Jul. 15, 2010) Since debilitated, diseased and lame horses cannot be sold at auction, one seller at Camelot Horse Auction in Cranbury super-glued a sock over a hole in a mare’s head in an effort to conceal the open wound.

Standardbred trainer Anouk Busch, of Allentown, who attended the auction on June 30 could not overlook the mare’s suffering.

“I felt bad for the poor thing,” Busch said. “She is missing part of her skull from hitting a pipe or fencing.”

Busch, who operates Horse Rescue United, which specializes in rescuing and rehoming standardbreds, couldn’t bear to think about the quarterhorse being sold and killed under barbaric conditions at a slaughterhouse for human consumption abroad.

Busch approached the seller and offered him $150 for the mare. Even though he should not have been trying to sell a wounded horse at the auction, the seller asked Busch for more money. She called a few friends and raised $250 to pull the mare out. Read full story >>

2 thoughts on “Mare with piece of skull missing saved from slaughter at Camelot auction”

  1. Should have stuck to the $150.00 buy price and offered to call the state and USDA inspectors over to examine the horse and press charges on both the seller and the Auction for accepting the horse. I detest these people. It was all about money not the helath or suffering of the animal. Good job and thanks for geting her out of there!


    1. I agree..very sick and cruel. I can’t imagine people actually doing this. The poor thing, so glad she was saved.


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