Horse Retirement Awareness Day at Saratoga August 18th

Hooray for Saratoga and the NYRA! Read on.

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Saratoga is indeed the place rich in tradition, but of course, new traditions are created every now and then when events and people recognize that it’s time to create a new paradigm.

NYRA introduces a new Saratoga tradition beginning this year, and it’s a spectacular idea: for the first time since NYRA bravely made a strong stand against horse slaughter in 2009, the Saratoga meet will offer a Horse Retirement Awareness Day on Wednesday, August 18th.

It may seem a bit somber and premature to discuss an event that happens in the middle of August, in this issue of “The Starting Gate.” The Saratoga meet doesn’t kick off for another week, so August 18th is 33 days hence.

But this is a topic that should be thought about and worked on 365 days a year, and is, in fact, the life mission of many good people whose jobs are to preserve and protect our beloved horses. Read full article >>

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